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The content of this article is fan made and not included in the Dragonlance canon.

Female Human (Midlander)
Classes: Fighter 3 (when she disappeared)
Alignment: CN

Chonae Falecohvo (Ko'-nae Fal'-eh-co'-vo) (11/12/380 AD – current?) is the youngest of the Falecohvo daughters. Her eldest sister Hannean grew up to become a professional horse breeder, trainer, riding teacher, and owner of the Falecohvo Ranch. Her other sister Noragaen grew up to become the Second Protector of the Midland Guard.

Instead of focusing on the family horse trade, Chonae became trained in the art of swordfighting and she soon proved herself to be as skilled in it as Noragaen. Around the same time that Noragaen joined the local patrols in Mauritand, Chonae decided that she would lead a more interesting life out on the road. At the age of seventeen she left her home to venture where the winds took her. Since then she has not been seen or heard from, although a few rumors heard by Noragaen recently state that she may be alive in the east.