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Chonos (? AC – 423 AC) was a Minotaur legionary in the Minotaur Empire. He had two-foot long horns, a scarred muzzle and wore a typical legionary uniform: Breastplate and soldier's kilt. Chonos was a member of a doomed scout party that had been sent out to investigate the strange quiet that had fallen over the Ogre lands ruled by Grand Lord Golgren. Before the Minotaur's could complete their mission, they were ambushed and nearly slaughtered to the bull. Chonos and his blood brother Ulthar were the only legionary's that managed to escape but not before Ulthar was mortally wounded. On his deathbed, Ulthar made Chonos swear a vow to return his axe to his son Kylus as it was a family heirloom. Chonos made the vow and fled from the ogres.

On his flight from the ambush, Chonos witnessed a battle between a Brass Dragon and a Red Dragon named Furon. After a brief battle, the brass dragon chased the larger red off but not before the brass dragons rider was killed. Chonos noted where the brass dragon landed and decided to enlist its aid. The dragon declined and left, leaving Chonos to fight a party of thirty ogres. The Minotaur fought hard but fell in the end. This would have been the end of Chonos story except the dragon had returned as he forgot a medallion given to him by his rider, Skorios. He had watched Chonos fight bravely and decided to complete the Minotaur's mission.


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