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Chorahh (? AC – 349 AC ) was a male Aurak Draconian that served as the leader of Erestem’s forces on Taladas during the latter part of the Age of Despair. He originally dwelt on Ansalon where he was created, but was recruited in 344 AC by his goddess and transported from Estwilde to Taladas, to serve as her lieutenant over her dark forces. The draconian had golden scales and black eyes, long spines protruded out from skull, and he wore a long black cape and steel bracelet.

The draconian was a heartless killer, who delighted in physical torture. On coming to Taladas, he found a unique partner in the gnomoi Drishurocol, marvelling in his destructive inventions. However Chorahh long planned to kill off the gnomoi, once he had no further use for him. The draconian controlled the dragon hunters that were recruited and assigned tasks throughout Taladas, through his agent Gezele Ella, from his headquarters on Kor Island.

In 349 AC, Gezele and her partner Grott returned to Kor Island with a band of adventurers to report on their activities. Chorahh sent Gezele and Grott into The Gray as punishment for leading enemies into his lair, and turned on the adventurers. However the heroes slew Chorahh and Drishurocol, before being trapped in the Gray themselves.


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