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Chot Es-Kalin (? - 418 AC) was the longest reigning Minotaur Emperor in the history of the Minotaur Empire. His last mate died somewhere around 408 AC, and his least favorite brother was Gradic Es-Kalin. He was also the uncle to Faros Es-Kalin.

By the year 418 AC, Chot was a very old minotaur. He was known to have graying hair, a lot of scars, and extremely fat. At one point over the many years, Chot claimed to have been only fluent in the Minotaur Tongue, but it was known that he was able to speak Common also.

Early Life[]

Chot became very wealthy, very fast. By 344 AC, he proclaimed himself ruler over Nethosak (Lycanos). During this, he had dealings with a Half-Elf named Maquesta Kar-Thon and one of his major rivals before his death was Attat Es-Divaq.

War of the Lance[]

Some tales conflict as to when Chot came to rule, but minotaur history shows that he came to rule following the death of Garik Es-Karos in 348 AC. At the time, Chot was a Chieftain of House Kalin, and he promised the minotaurs that he would bring prosperity the likes no minotaur had ever seen. Chot then met with Ariakas and together they form an alliance, sending many of his political enemy's sons off to battle or off under the command of Feal-Thas in Icereach. Many others were sent off to Sanction as a reserve army. During all this, Chot continued to build the minotaur might at sea, expanding his naval power.

Post-War of the Lance[]

Following the defeat of the Dragonarmies, Chot then tightened the reigns on his legions and established better ties with the Temple of Sargas. He then ordered the construction of the most elaborate Great Circus ever to be built, which would hold around 40,000 minotaurs comfortably. By 363 AC, he had expanded the Minotaur Empire to fourteen colonies with more in the works. Chot also saw the Empire through the bloody Summer of Chaos and the rebuilding that followed after that.

Night of Blood[]

During what would later be called the Night of Blood in 418 AC, Chot was overthrown from power when he was first betrayed by Maritia de-Droka, and then beheaded by Hotak de-Droka. Hotak felt that Chot's reign had grown too corrupt and that he was cheating at keeping his place as ruler.

Other Titles[]

Chot has been given and received many different titles during his long reign as Emperor. Here is a small list of those titles:

  • Chot the Corrupt
  • Chot the Fearsome
  • Chot the Fool
  • Chot the Invincible
  • Chot the Just
  • Chot the Lying
  • Chot the Magnificent
  • Chot the Pathetic
  • Chot the Proud
  • Chot the Terrible
  • Chot the Treacherous

Kender Tales[]

Some references state that he came to power in 368 AC, but he was Emperor during the War of the Lance.


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