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The Chulcrix is a vicious carnivore that dwells primarily in the Ethereal Plane. These creatures look like giant worms, with black chitinous skin that secretes shiny mucus and smells of rotten meat. The average chulcrix is one hundred feet in length and twenty feet wide, but some have been known to grow to three hundred feet or more.

The gaping maw of the chulcrix opens to a diameter of thirty feet, and is filled with small tendrils. These tendrils can sense movement, odor and body heat up to ten miles. These beasts also have two thirty-foot long arms, which end in sharp pincers. Chulcrix are nominally intelligent creatures that communicate telepathically on occasion. The creatures are known to sometimes act as servants to dark gods and powerful outsiders.

Chulcrix have no fixed lairs and instead roam the Ethereal Plane, driven by an insatiable appetite. They are solitary creatures that lay an egg that looks like a black crystal. The egg is twenty-five feet in diameter, and grows to one hundred feet after a century, from which a fully mature chulcrix is hatched. Most chulcrix live for around ten thousand years...


  • DLA3: Dragon’s Rest