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Citadel Aspirants are the lowest rank for mystics at the Citadel of Light. Applicants arrive at the Citadel and petition for membership. Three mystics then interview each applicant with skills in sensitivity. Those that are found with a tendency for evil are turned away. The next step for the applicant is to walk the Hedge Maze. The journey through the maze tells the observers more aspects of the applicant’s personality including which mystic spheres he or she may have a tendency towards. Once the applicant reaches the center of the maze they must climb the Silver Stair. The stair will then grant them an insightful vision to the dark corners of their mind. As long as they face this vision, they will be granted admission into the fellowship of the Citadel of Light and given the title of Citadel Aspirant.

The first thing an aspirant must do is determine what mystic spheres they are attuned to. The tests in the Hedge Maze help with this, but some aspirants must go through a path of self-discovery to find out which spheres they should study. Once aspirants discover which sphere or spheres they desire to study they are assigned a mentor for a particular sphere. Aspirants are only allowed to study one sphere at a time. The mentors structure their training into cycles. Mastering a sphere might require one or more cycles. Once a mentor feels that an aspirant has mastered one sphere then the aspirant is raised to the rank of Citadel Mystic.

Aspirants’ main activities are studying mysticism, but at least five days out of every month they must do service for the community. This might include touring visitors around the Citadel, working in the Cozy Hearth hostel, greeting pilgrims at the docks, or booking passage for pilgrims on their return trip.

While on Schallsea, all aspirants wear the same light-colored robes that all the members of the fellowship wear. When they become an aspirant they are given a Citadel Medallion. Before the War of Souls, the medallion was just plain steel in a trapezoidal shape of the Citadel’s old symbol. It is unknown if the new symbol of the Citadel has been adapted for the medallions.


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