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Citadel Master is the mystic rank at the Citadel of Light that a Citadel Mystic attains after they climb the Silver Stair and defeat the personal conflicts shown in their visions. Although it is possible for a Citadel Aspirant to achieve this rank directly, but this is rare. Those that do are usually deeply changed.

There are two special subdivisions of Citadel Master: missionary and Citadel Advisor. Missionaries of the Citadel go into lands where other mystics have failed to spread the teachings of the Citadel. Citadel Advisors are mystics that serve as ambassadors for the Citadel to the governments of the free realms of Ansalon.

Citadel Masters typically wear the same light-colored robes that all the members of the fellowship wear. When they reach this rank their Citadel Medallions get engraved again. Before the War of Souls, the trapezoidal medallions were engraved with a heart shaped symbol when they became a Citadel Mystic. This heart symbol is then framed by a series of lines when the reach the rank of master. The engravings on the medallion are now the perfect representation of the Citadel’s old symbol. It is unknown if the new symbol of the Citadel has been adapted for the medallions.


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