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Citadel Medallions are steel medallions worn by the Mystics of the Citadel of Light. As a mystic ascends through the ranks of the Citadel the medallion is engraved with more aspects of the Citadel's symbol. It is unknown if the symbol being engraved on the medallions was changed when after the War of Souls the Citadel of Light took a new symbol to represent its new direction in supporting all ways to enlightenment.

Citadel Aspirant[]

A Citadel Aspirant's medallion is just a simple steel trapezoidal shape. It is given to them after they are accepted into the fellowship of the Citadel.

Citadel Mystic[]

After a mystic masters at least one mystic sphere, they become a Citadel Mystic. Their medallion is then engraved with a heart symbol.

Citadel Master[]

After a mystic climbs the Silver Stair and defeats the personal conflicts shown in their visions, they become a Citadel Master. Their medallion is then engraved with a series of lines that represent the Power of the heart and its influence in the world. The symbol depicted is now a true representation of the Citadel's symbol (Prior to the War of Souls).

Citadel Guardian[]

Citadel Guardians also possess medallions. The symbol depicted on the medallion is dependent on the individual's mystic rank before they entered the guardians.