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The '''Citadel of Light''' is a place, an organization, and some would say a state of mind.  Originally it was founded, as a place to learn [[mysticism]] it has now become a center of learning for any looking for enlightenment.  The Citadel is located on [[Schallsea]] Island, just north of [[Pelican Cove]].  The [[River Shard]] and the [[Lake o’ Swords]] can be found to the north.  The closest village is the farming community of [[Heartspring]], found just to the northwest.  All of this is surrounded untamed forest commonly called [[The Wilds]].  From the outside the Citadel of Light appears to be nine interconnected domes of blue crystal that are centered around the mystic site the [[Silver Stair]] and [[Hedge Maze]].

The [[Temple of Light]] was built in [[Solanthus]] as one of the Citadel's main temples outside of Schallsea.

Finding the Power of the Heart[]

In [[388 AC]], The [[Hero of the Lance]], [[Goldmoon]] made what she thought her last journey to [[Solace]] to visit her friends and fellow heroes [[Tika]] and [[Caramon Majere]].  On her journey, she encountered a strange old man who referred to himself as [[The Sage]].  He and Goldmoon had a discussion about the gods and their gifts.  The Sage told her that the gods couldn’t really be truly gone because we are a part of them.  He then told her to look within.  

When she arrived in Solace she found it the unwilling host of a battle between two green [[dragons]].  Many people were killed and injured in the battle.  Goldmoon went among them to do what she could.  She then found the dying dwarf [[Jasper Fireforge]].  Desperate Goldmoon said a prayer to [[Mishakal]] and began to look deep insider herself.  She found the [[Power of the Heart]] and was able to heal Jasper.

Finding hope in this miracle, Goldmoon returned to the [[Qué-Shu]] to further study this new magic.  The Sage also went to the Qué-Shu and with his help Goldmoon was able to grow stronger in mysticism.  By [[390 AC]], people from across [[Ansalon]] were coming to study.  At first she taught them in the [[Temple of Mishakal]], but eventually realized that her new order would need a home of their own.

Finding the Silver Stair[]

In [[391 AC]], Goldmoon left Qué-Shu to search for a place for her order of mystics to grow.  She sent teams to various sites on Ansalon, but she decided to go to Schallsea Island to see the Silver Stair herself.  Once she found the stair she climbed it.  The [[celestial ladder]] gave her visions that lead her to confront her inner daemons and then of the citadel that she would build to teach her new magic.  Once down she declared that the Silver Stair was the location of the Citadel of Light.

Building the Citadel[]

Word was sent to the rest of her followers and construction began almost immediately.  Jasper brought dwarves from [[Hillhome]] to work on the Citadel and the master constructor was the [[Hylar Dwarf]] [[Drinncabir Redstone]].  The blue crystal for the domes was mined near the village of [[Qué-Ash]].  The half-elf [[Shen Korras]] mostly funded the construction costs.  Once the [[Solamnic High Council]] heard of the construction, they sent a dozen [[Knights of the Sword]] and nearly a hundred soldiers to protect Goldmoon, her followers, and any pilgrims that would come.  They were lead by Lady [[Camilla Weoledge]].

In [[392 AC]], Goldmoon taught spiritualism for the first time to one of her students a [[Silvanesti elf]] named [[Gair Graymist]].  Gair wanted to make peace with his dead father, but then started to experiment with his new abilities.  Eventually he became seduced by his dark mysticism.  He raised wraiths and made a deal with the [[Qué-Nal]] shaman [[Shadowwalker]] to attack the mystic settlement.  Gair intended to kill everyone and raise him or her as undead.  In order to accomplish this he leached power from the Silver Stair and cracked nineteen of its steps.  He was stopped by Goldmoon and the [[gnoll]] [[R’vagho]] and died at the base of the Silver Stair.

The builders faced many setbacks that first winter.  First a blizzard and later the construction site was burned down by renegade Qué-Nal.  Peace was made with the Qué-Nal chief [[Skydancer]] with the help of the Silvanesti elf [[Iryl Songbrook]].  Skydancer never condoned the actions of Shadowwalker.  He also gave the land around bay of Schallsea to the Citadel and any wishing to resettle.

The Citadel Complete[]

In [[396 AC]], the Citadel of Light was completed.  The same year, Goldmoon organized the [[Citadel Advisors]], a specialized group of mystics to serve as ambassadors for the Citadel to the governments of the free realms of Ansalon.  

In [[397 AC]], three [[Knights of the Skull]] posed as members of the [[Legion of Steel]] and convinced the Citadel to teach them mysticism.  These knights were from [[Mirielle Abrena]]’s wing.  Goldmoon and Jasper Fireforge personally trained them.  The [[half-elf]] of the three befriended Iryl Songbrook.  Once they thought they had learned enough they killed four aspirants and a fisherman and tried to kill Goldmoon and Jasper.  They stole a ship in the [[Port of Schallsea]] for their escape.  A year later the [[Vision]] returned to the [[Dark Knights]].  After this infiltration, Goldmoon limited those who could join the fellowship at the Citadel.  All those petitioning for mystic training must be interviewed and mysticism used to read their auras.  

The [[Silver Dragon]] [[Solomirathnius]] ( [[Mirror]]) arrived wounded in the year [[398 AC]].  He was battling a wing of [[Black Dragons]].  Goldmoon and other mystics healed him and he was able to defeat the other dragons.  When it was over Goldmoon offered him a place at the Citadel and he agreed.

Beryllinthranox’s Attack[]

During the War of Souls, [[Beryllinthranox]] and her forces attacked the Citadel.  She was looking for the Device of Time Journeying that [[Palin Majere]] and [[Tasslehoff Burrfoot]] possessed.  During this assault, two domes collapsed and the other seven were rendered at least partly uninhabitable, and a dragon also burned down the [[Hedge Maze]].  Right before the battle the First Master Goldmoon left the Citadel to follow the river of souls.  She never returned to the order she founded.

Post War of Souls[]

Reconstruction on the Citadel started immediately.  Then the first clerical convert occurred with the former [[Dark Knight]] spy [[Jemtal Oermann]].  After being missing for three days, he walked down the Silver Stair a cleansed man and a new cleric to Mishakal.  Other mystics soon followed his lead and also made the change.  Soon the remaining mystics and clerics began to debate on the Citadel’s future and construction ceased.  The mystic [[Cassandra Renay]] took charge.  With Jemtal’s help she organized the Citadel of Light to be a center for mystics, clerics, and any looking for spiritual enlightenment.  They now lead the Citadel together with Jemtal acting as caretaker and Cassandra taking care of the administration work.  To symbolize everyone working together the Citadel took a new symbol: an infinity symbol with heart in the middle.


Goldmoon designed the Citadel’s organization.  She modeled it after the clergy of Mishakal.  Three mystics first interview those that desire training.  They use their abilities to look into the potential mystic and see if that person has a tendency for evil, and those that past this test must traverse the Hedge Maze and then climb the Silver Stair.  The examiners use the Hedge Maze to gain insight into the potential’s personality and what spheres of mysticism that person may have talents for.  If they make it to the Silver Stair they must climb it.  The stair will then grant them an insightful vision to the dark corners of their mind.  As long as they face this vision, they will be granted admission into the fellowship of the Citadel of Light and given the title of [[Citadel Aspirant]].  Aspirants train under other mystics, called mentors.  Mentors structure their teachings in “cycles.”  Each “cycle” focuses on one [[mystic sphere]] and at the end the aspirant are tested.  Once an aspirant has master one sphere they receive the title of [[Citadel Mystic]].  Most mystics of the Citadel belong to this group.  Citadel Mystics that climb the stair again and defeat the personal conflicts shown in their visions are then given the title of [[Citadel Master]].  Some Citadel Masters are chosen to be [[Citadel Advisors]] or missionaries.  Masters that have been with the Citadel for ten years or more are then considered [[Senior Masters]].  

The [[Citadel Guardians]] are the Citadel’s own fighting force.  They fall outside of mystic hierarchy.  Although many mystics of any rank can and do choose to take a more martial role in the Citadel.  They are lead by a [[Master Guardian]] and have their own rank system.

Leaving and Expulsion[]

If a mystic desires to leave the fellowship of the Citadel, they only need to return their citadel medallions.  They are welcomed to return at any time and will retain their rank if they do so.  

Some mystics have committed great misdeeds against the Citadel or its ideals.  When this happens an investigation occurs with three Senior Masters.  They then determine the guilt or innocence of the accused.  The ceremony for expulsion is similar the ceremony of expulsion of the Qué-Shu.  The three Masters each silently decide the fate of the accused.  The lesser two Masters then will turn their backs on the accused if they find the person guilty.  If this happens then the more senior master will turn their back also.  If only one Master turns their back then the most senior member will decide himself or herself.  If the majority of the three Senior Masters finds the accused guilty they then leave the Citadel following the road back to the city of Schallsea with all who line the road turning their backs as well.  Mystics that are expulsed are sometimes called [[Renegade Mystics]] or “fallen mystics.”  It is rare for expulsion to happen.  In the first twenty years of the Citadel, it had only occurred seven times.

The Domes[]

The domes or lyceums surround the Hedge Maze and Silver Stair.  They provide a number of functions including housing and training areas.  They are made of blue crystal and are heated by dwarven engineered hot vents, with each dome connected by a pair of hallways called arcades.  All but one dome is named after a sphere of mysticism.  [[Necromancy]] being the only sphere that does not have a dome due to it being forbidden by the Citadel.

*[[Alteration Lyceum]] *[[Animism Lyceum]] *[[Channeling Lyceum]] *[[Grand Lyceum]] *[[Healing Lyceum]] *[[Meditation Lyceum]] *[[Mentalism Lyceum]] *[[Sensitivity Lyceum]] *[[Spiritualism Lyceum]]

Other Important Features[]

*[[Docks (Citadel of Light)]] *[[Guardian Training Grounds]] *[[Hedge Maze]] *[[Shrine to Goldmoon]] *[[Silver Stair]] *[[The Walk]]

Kender Tales[]

One source details that the domes were made of marble before the War of Souls, but most sources agree that the domes have always been made of crystal. Another source refers to the Citadel as being located on [[Sancrist Isle]], but this is untrue. It is located on the island of Schallsea.


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