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The Companies of the Lords are one of the factions within the great Army of Thenol. These companies are the trained soldiers of the Lords and Great Lords of Thenol, who view the Fanatics of Hith as blind fools, and the Thenoli Death Warriors as abominations. Each company serves the interests of their lord, and far less so, the interests of the Bishop of Hith.

Every lord of the realm must supply a number of men, anywhere from 200 to 1000, based on a ruling by the Senate of Lords. The Great Lords provide both cavalry and infantry, whilst the lesser lords only provide infantry. The Companies of the Lords are the defensive backbone of the army, since the other two factions are incapable of any defensive maneuvers, although they are sometimes used on particularly difficult assaults as well.

Since every company is supplied by a different lord, there is no one uniform worn by all soldiers. Most light infantry wear long leather coats and wield large shields, swords, axes, spears or maces. The light infantry wear all manner of helmet and headgear, with little conformity at all. The archers and crossbowmen normally wear quilted cotton tunics, and wield a sword or basic melee weapon, to complement their usual bow or crossbow. The heavy infantry wear chain mail or banded armor, and wield body shields, swords and spears. The heavy infantry are the elite of the infantry units of Thenol, and fight in tight formation with shields locked.

The light cavalry is made up of the squires and attendants of the various knights that serve each lord. The light cavalry ride on unarmored horses, and wear leather armor or chain mail, as well as carry a basic melee weapon of some kind. The knights of the lords form the heavy cavalry and ride on chain-barded horses. These knights wear scale or banded armor, and wield both heavy lances, flails and swords.


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