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The Conclave of Wizards is a group of twenty-one Wizards, overseen by the Highmage, for the betterment of High Sorcery. There have been more Red Robe serving as Highmage than any of the other two orders, due to the fact that both White Robes and Black Robes could more readily accept a Red than the other two. Normally the Conclave consists of the most powerful mages for each Order, but in some instances, such as Magius, the most powerful do not choose to serve.

The Conclave meets about six times a year, when all three moons are at High Sanction. In times of emergency, the Heads or Highmage may summon the entire Conclave to a meeting. This usually has happened during each of Ansalon's wars. All members appear in the Hall of Mages hooded, and they will discuss what has changed with magic since they have last met, change laws, pass judgment, or cast spells. All judgments are binding to all three Orders.

Council of Three

When the Conclave was first formed, it was only three mages that were elected each by their order. The group was called the Council of Three, the Circle of Three, or simply the Three. Then those three would elect the Highmage who would oversee all of High Sorcery. Once one died, or more rarely stepped down, a new representative of the respective Order would be elected to represent the Order.

Council of Fifteen

Eventually, the Orders would not continue to accept the way things had been. A Black Robe by the name of Bannel One-Eye decided that he was tired of the Black Robes from being excluded from being Highmage. This threatened to sever the ties of all three orders, and the Black Robes even threatened to leave and found their own towers. Instead of seeing the Orders weakened, Orrista of Solanthus agreed to restructure the Conclave to instead allow three mages from each tower to be on the council. Each of these mages had to be from the different orders so that each order would have five representatives. From those five, a Master was chosen, and from those Masters the Highmage was elected.

Council of Twenty-One

In 1160 PC, the Conclave was changed one final time from fifteen to twenty-one members. This was to include two "floating" members from each order that wasn't necessarily tied to any of the Towers of High Sorcery. After the Lost Battles, the rules was changed that each Order would be allowed to have seven members, even after the destruction of two towers and the abandonment of the other two.

Years later during the Third Dragon War, the Conclave would meet in Palanthas in secret to create the legendary Dragon Orbs. They hoped that with these, Takhisis would be defeated and the balance restored.

Last and First Conclave

In 411 AC, Highmage Palin Majere, the Shadow Sorcerer, and the Master of the Tower at Wayreth held the Last Conclave and dissolved the Conclave of wizards. These three wizards though would stay on to investigate Sorcery. Eleven years later in 422 AC, the First Conclave was held since the loss of magic. The Conclave was restored to its twenty-one members with Jenna sitting as Highmage.


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