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Corrozus (? - c. 9000 PC) was the first black dragon and one of the five Sons of Takhisis. The black dragon first lived in the Khalkist Mountains with his brothers, before migrating eastward to the swamplands in the northeastern lands. During his time abroad, Corrozus met with Takhisis and mated with her, to continue the black chromatic line. The Dark Queen returned to the Abyss where she produced and stored away the black dragon eggs in her home plane. Two children are known to have been produced from this union; a son named Musticallus, and a daughter named Kyrieenyi.

When the Sons of Takhisis were ordered by the Dark Queen to destroy the Daughters of Paladine, Corrozus distinguished himself against Haraineer and Querrasian. As his brothers attacked Haraineer as she frolicked in the surf, it was cunning Corrozus who snuck into her lair and ambushed the bronze dragon as she entered, by covering her cave entrance in acid.

Four of the Sons of Takhisis also ambushed the copper Querrasian, by polymorphing themselves into bugs and hiding under the wings of their white brother Akis. Corrozus landed the deathblow on Querrasian and made a necklace of scales from her corpse.

Once four of the Daughters of Paladine were dead, Corrozus joined his brothers in the fight against the final metallic dragon, golden Aurora. Whilst several of his brothers chased after the gold dragon, Corrozus crept into Aurora's mountain lair in search of the clutch of metallic dragon eggs. When the wounded Aurora appeared inside the mountain, Corrozus launched himself on her in haste. Even wounded, the gold dragon was aware of Corrozus, firstly wounding him with a fireball and then biting his neck and killing the black before he could get off any more than a glancing acid blast along her flanks.


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