Of all the Great Lords in Thenol, Count Malarchus is one of the strongest supporters of the evil Bishop Trandamere. His troops are easily identified by their black armor and skull heraldry.

Count Malarchus is easily fifty years old and could be much older. No one knows his true age. He often speaks as if he were personally familiar with events occurring fifty to one hundred years ago. In truth, he is almost one hundred and ten years old.

Today, Malarchus is a scheming, bitter and malevolent man. He espouses many friendships, yet holds no true friends in his heart. He has more than once (and will continue to do so) betrayed those who thought him friend, although he is normally cunning enough to hide his role in their downfall. He does not derive pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering, but doesn't see any evil or harm in it, either. Malarchus is a master manipulator and often describes his plans in terms of moves in some great game.

That Malarchus has been evil for as long as people can remember is true, but he has not always been thoroughly corrupt. There was a time when he was honest, if somewhat callow - a long time ago. Decades of toil and struggle during the latter years of Hiteh's Night has corrupted and soured his view.

Currently, Malarchus is vying to wrest the power of Thenol from the grasp of Bishop Trandamere. In Trandamere he has found his greatest opponent. To win the power struggle, he has forgone his role as a warrior lord and entered into the priesthood of Hith. His cunning and skill have elevated him quickly through the ranks, creating a formidable threat for Trandamere, indeed.

- From the TIme of the Dragon boxed set.

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