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The Courrain Ocean is the ocean off the eastern coastline of Ansalon, and touches the other two continents of Ithin'carthia and Taladas. The western edge of the Northern Courrain Ocean borders the Turbidus Ocean on its eastern border. Much of the central part of the ocean is unexplored. The color of the ocean in general has been described as blue-gray.

The ocean is often divided into sections: Northern, Southern, and Eastern. The Northern Courrain Ocean has a strong warm current that runs south into the Blood Sea and around the Blood Sea Isles. During the time of the War of the Lance a Sea Dragon ruled the Northern Courrain Ocean. It is unknown if that is true in the Age of Mortals. The Southern Courain Ocean runs along the east coast of Ansalon and is a rough ocean. The currents there run counter-clockwise from east to west along Ansalon’s coast. The water is warmed while in the Bay of Balifor and when they collide with the cool air from the south they make for many storms. The water here has been described as gray. The Southern Courrain Ocean is divided from the Eastern Courrain Ocean by the Whistler’s Chain. This section of ocean is also rough and white-capped. Giant swordfish and barracuda live here.

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