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The Crown of Power, also known as the Miceram, is a very powerful magical artifact of evil. With this a person may achieve absolute and total control over a person(s). The Miceram was made of bright gold, lined on the inside of it with red velvet, the cap rose to a high point with ten other points spaced evenly around the rest of the crown. The center point had a blood-red ruby the size of a hen's egg, while each of the other ten points had a large ruby on it also. The Crown had many spells in it, including globe of invulnerability, Shield (Spell), aid, bless, owl's wisdom, restoration, dictum, discern lies, dispel magic, wind wall, and light. It is known to possess many more powers, but the Crown would whisper those powers to its wearer. Only a creature of pure good could wear this version of the Crown.

Later it was corrupted by Takhisis and made too look of solid gold, carved with twisting designs, and inset with flawless blood rubies. The largest ruby is at the center of the crown with the smaller rubies trailing off to the sides. When it is worn, the rubies glow with an unholy light. Only those of evil may wear this crown, but if a person of good does, they find themselves slowly becoming evil. The Crown has many spells in it, including globe of invulnerability, bull's strength, charm person, command, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, shout, charm monster, fireball, lesser geas, repulsion, suggestion, quest, and shield. Only a creature of pure evil could wear this version of the Crown.

Pre-Cataclysm History[]

The ancient history behind the Crown of Power is clouded in mystery. It was built during the Age of Dreams when the ogre ruler wore it as a symbol of his power. With the Heresy of Igrane in 6320 PC and the fall of ogres into the brutes they are today, the Crown was lost.

The Crown would again be seen when it was found in 280 PC by Symeon I on his personal altar, after he overthrew the Emperor of Istar Vemior. Others claim that Algando of Calah or a Zhakar Dwarf created it, but most do not believe this information. Once Symeon I donned the Crown, all strife ceased in Istar, and he named himself the first Kingpriest of Istar.

The crown would continue to pass from Kingpriest to Kingpriest until the fateful year of 120 PC. Vasari I died without naming an heir to the throne in public. Privately he had named Pradian to be the next Kingpriest, and he took and hid the Crown in the catacombs beneath Govinna. Pradian was killed during the war, and so the Crown was thought loss.

Eventually a young monk named Beldyn and his companion Cathan MarSevrin found the Crown. Beldyn donned it and they marched their army on Istar, where he was crowned the next Kingpriest and renamed Beldinas Pilofiro. For the next thirty-nine years, Beldinas used the Crown and the Crown slowly turned him to madness. When the Cataclysm struck, Beldinas was still wearing it when he was killed. Takhisis then took the Crown for her own evil purposes.

Post-Cataclysm History[]

Following the destruction of the Great Temple of Istar, Takhisis stole the crown away and corrupted it to her evil ways. Then, sometime prior to the War of the Lance, Takhisis gave Ariakas the Crown to better control his troops and Dragon Highlords. He would wear this until the final confrontation at the Temple of Neraka, when a half-elf named Tanis Half-Elven would slay the great "Emperor of Ansalon" and took it from him. The half-elf threw it into the amassed armies and the Dragon Highlords fought for it until one did. The Blue Wing Highlord Kitiara Uth Matar took up the crown and wore it, putting her control over the dragonarmies. It is unknown what became of the crown following her death though, but it is rumored to still exist even to this day.