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Crysania Tarinius (ca. 328 AC - ? AC) was a woman who was born of the House of Tarinius from Palanthas. In her early years of life, she was of pure beauty, a patient, caring person, with bright, gray eyes, pale skin sometimes compared to marble, and long blue-black hair. She always shook people's hand with a strong, firm shake unlike most other Palanthian women. Even with all her good qualities in her youth, she was often referred to as being cold, proud, aloof, better than others, ambitious, and power-hungry.

After she became blind, the one thing she cherished more than anything was not to be touched by anyone or anything. All day long, she would be touched, or she would touch those around her to get to know them better or to be guided.

Early Life[]

During her childhood, Crysania was extremely spoiled. Everything she desired, ever whim, was given to her by her family. Crysania became betrothed of a young noble from Palanthas, but she did not love him. Her parents died an untimely death, and after that she met with a new cleric shortly after the War of the Lance. His name was Elistan, and he talked about the god of Paladine to Crysania. After speaking with him, she called off her engagement to join with the church.

Crysania became one of Elistan's first converts. She rose quickly through the ranks of the church to become a Revered Daughter of Paladine. When Elistan became ill, it was also rumored that she would replace him as the leader of the church since she was one of the most powerful clerics on all of Krynn.

A Journey[]

In the spring of 356 AC, Crysania was introduced to a Black Robe named Raistlin Majere. Crysania was attracted to this mage of evil for the raw power that emanated from him and found him to be exciting and dangerous. She quickly decided that she was going to bring him back from evil to the side of good. What she didn't admit, even to herself, was that she was in love with the evil mage.

She goes on a journey with a Kender named Tasslehoff Burrfoot to get Caramon Majere to assist in her journey to the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth. Little did she know, that Caramon had sunk into a state of depression when he felt "unwanted" by anyone. He had lost all his muscle, and turned to all fat. Tika Majere made him assist the young cleric rather than letting her go her own way.

While looking for the Tower, the party was attacked by Lord Soth, a Death Knight. When Lord Soth attacked Crysania, she prayed to Paladine, and her god took her soul to a place that no one could get her, but her body still showed a semblance of life. Caramon and Tas took her body to the Tower of Wayreth, and convinced Par-Salian to send them back to the time of the Kingpriest to rejoin her soul with her body.


Upon her arrival in the great city of Istar in 1 PC, guards found her unconscious and it appeared that Caramon had attacked her. She was taken to the Kingpriest for healing, while her companions were taken off to the slave stocks. Crysania was taken to Kingpriest Beldinas Pilofiro, and he brought her soul back to her body, healing her. Crysania was instantly awed by this great man, and felt drawn to worship him. Eventually, she took a deep, hard look at the Kingpriest, looking through the bright light that surrounded him. What she saw was a man who had pale eyes that were extremely frightened of all that was going on around him. She was approached twice by the great elven cleric Loralon, and asked to leave with the other clerics, which she refused.

This convinced her that the Kingpriest was not a great leader, and that she herself would stop all evil in the world. She went back to Raistlin, and together they were going to journey to the future. Just before that happened, Caramon stepped in to stop them. The Cataclysm was in process, but Crysania still called upon Paladine to blind Caramon to stop him from hurting his brother. Raistlin was able to teleport the three of them to 39 AC in the hopes of finding one of the Portals to the Abyss in the Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas.

Dwarfgate War[]

Upon arrival at the Tower, Raistlin was confused as to where the Portal had gone. He sent Crysania to the Library of Palanthas to discover its location. There she met with Astinus, and discovered that the Portal had been moved to Zhaman. She found that Paladine hadn't totally abandoned her, when they begin their journey to Zhaman. Brigands attacked them, and when one of them named Steeltoe attempted to remove her Medallion of Faith, it harmed him.

Caramon challenged Steeltoe, and defeated him. Following the battle, he claimed Crysania was his witch, and she would continue the journey staying in his tent. During one of the nights, Caramon even professed his love of her, but Crysania turned him down. She stated that he was just using her to replace his love for Tika. Crysania continued her journey with Raistlin to Zhaman, and there they were able to activate the Portal and continue on to the Abyss to confront the Queen of Darkness.

The Abyss[]

Crysania and Raistlin make it to the Abyss, even through the detonation that destroyed Zhaman and created Skullcap. While in the Abyss, Crysania protects the Black Robe from everything that attacks Raistlin. She protected his mind from being read by Takhisis, and when the boy-like Raistlin was being beaten she stopped those from hurting him. She was poisoned and injured, but was able to protect him. When protecting him again, she was set on fire. The body consumed her, horribly burning her body and blinding her. Since Crysania was now powerless, Raistlin abandoned her to continue fighting the Dark Queen's minions and drawing her to the Portal.

During this time, Crysania came to realize that Raistlin had used her, but she had also used him for her own pride. She admitted that she loved Raistlin, but that this love would never be fulfilled. Caramon found her lying in the Abyss, but her body was unharmed, except for her bind eyes. She was taken from the Abyss, but even the other clerics of Paladine could not restore her sight. Crysania took over as the head of the church in 357 AC, following the Blue Lady's War. She would become a compassionate and wise cleric for Paladine.

Following the war, she rebuilt the Temple of Paladine in Palanthas. Since she raised it from a ruin, she knew every stone laid in the new temple. She would always make sure that she attended each Festival of the Eye for the people.

Chaos War[]

Prior to the Chaos War, she decided to do an experiment. She wanted to bring Mages and Clerics closer together by working together. She invited a White Robe by the name of Valin ar Tandar to join her, which he agreed to do with the Conclave's consent. Even though she termed this her "grand experiment", Valin became much more to her: a trusted friend and advisor in all things she did.

Crysania knew something was wrong. She had lost the touch with her god as if he were distracted, and heard rumors of a war brewing in the east. She chose not to tell any of her followers of this, and sent two devoted followers, Nisse and Lagan Innis to the High Clerist's Tower to meet with Sir Thomas. Nisse was killed in the process, and Lagan admitted that when he tried to heal her he could not communicate with Paladine.

She decided to make a request of the dark elf Dalamar, but had to go to the Tower along with Valin to do so. While there, Dalamar gave her two of the dragon gems, and said that through them she might be able to communicate with her god. When they return to the Temple, Valin admitted that he loved her, and even kissed her. Crysania at first accepted the kiss, but then rejected the kiss saying that due to her position in the church she could not accept love. She then ordered him to Kalaman to investigate the rumors of war there. Valin agreed to go, but made a request of his brother Jeril ar Tandar to journey with her when she left for Neraka.

Crysania met with Dalamar one more time, and this time he gave her a "gift". It was a white tiger, named Tandar, which would act as her guide to Neraka, and Crysania accepted the gift greatfully. Later, she met with Palin Majere and Steel Brightblade on the Temple's grounds. They stated they were headed to the Tower, and Crysania gave her Medallion of Faith to Palin to get past the grove. This would return to her the next morning.

Eventually she Crysania would make her way to Neraka with her tiger guide, Jeril, and his wife Kela ar Tandar. Two powers she would learn that she had thanks to Tandar, she could see through his eyes and feel his pain. She would survive through one battle against the Tarmak, and another when a village was burned. She was burned to blisters from the heat in the village. Once she arrived in Neraka, Tandar and her went into a Black Robe's lab and stole two more of the dragon gems, and would eventually find the red stone.

Kela would report that her husband Jeril was killed, and this put Tandar into a deep depression. Crysania realized that Tandar was really Valin who had made a deal with Dalamar. Since Valin could not cry being a tiger, Crysania cried for him. Over the next month, they would make their way to Godshome. Just before arriving, Kela would take Crysania hostage, but Valin/Tandar would free her. Jeril and Kela would end up killing each other, but it would allow for Crysania to continue on to Godshome.

When Crysania and Valin arrived in Godshome, they used the five dragonstones. At first Takhisis arrived to tempt her, but Crysania rejects the Queen of Darkness. Then Paladine, in the form of Fizban, appeared before her. Paladine told her the gods were leaving Krynn in order to save it for their followers.

Following the departure of her god, Crysania finally admitted that she loved Valin. This broke the geas on him, and he reverted from the tiger form into human. Together they agreed to journey back to Palanthas, but not before taking each other as lovers.

Age of Mortals[]

Crysania and Valin lived together at the old Temple of Paladine in Palanthas, even though most people had given up on the old gods. Crysania even became a Mystic after training for a bit at the Citadel of Light. After a time, she journeyed to oversee the funeral of Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan in 392 AC, and served as a Citadel Advisor at Gunthar since at least 416 AC. She continued to visit the Temple in Palanthas.


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