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Cymbelene (ca. 334 AC - ? AC) was graceful, athletic, strong woman. She had light brown hair and bright blue eyes, which gained her the nickname 'Laughing Eyes' from the Elves. She always remained friendly and approachable. She was a very good archer and good with an axe.

Cymbelene wandered the world, looking for people in need of her bow or axe. She fought a never-ending battle against all evil marauders who preyed on the helpless. She always made a point of living among the people she was assisting. This way she would have a better understanding of who they were and why they needed her assistance. She was able to make many friends this way, who she was able to count on later.

Early Life[]

Cymbelene was born in a small village close to Goodbay in Abanasinia. Her mother was a ranger and woodcarver who taught her craft to her daughter. In 344 AC, Minotaurs attacked her village and both her father and mother were killed trying to repel the minotaurs. Cymbelene was devastated and quickly moved deeper into the woodlands, living along and using her woodcraft to survive.

Years later, she wandered into the woods of the Qualinesti Elves. The elves were touched by her grief, and impressed with her forest-wise ways so they took her in. She lived in the woods for a time, learning again to be able to laugh.

War of the Lance[]

During the War of the Lance, she fought marauders who plagued the lands either by herself or with a few companions. She even took the fight back to the raiders who attacked her home.

Post War of the Lance[]

Following the war, she hunted evil wherever it may have lurked. She always accepted assistance in her fights against brigands and bandits.


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