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Cyrine Harrian–Caergothia (? - ? AC) was a young Shield Captain and a Knight of the Lily for the Knights of Takhisis. Lady Cyrine was 5'2" tall and weighed 110 pounds. Her favorite weapon was the Longsword, wore Chainmail, and had a ring of protection. She was known to be petite and vivacious and was known to have had a terrible temper that she would unleash upon anyone that doubted her abilities. Even though she was rigidly honorable, she was also known to have had a chip on her shoulder.

Chaos War[]

During the Chaos War, she fought astride her dragon mount Lyssirix. She was stationed at Palanthas where she would search for prominent Solamnic families and inform Sir Farall Skycutter and Sir Jerod Argentbane. She and Lyssirix's bond grew closer together as he also took human form while in Palanthas to help her in this search of the families. It is unknown what became of her following the war.


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