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Dalamar the Dark (ca. 266 AC – present), once known as Dalamar Argent, is one of the most powerful wizards on Ansalon. Once considered a true Silvanesti Elf, he was branded a Dark Elf for his pursuit of forbidden magic. Dalamar learned from the infamous Raistlin Majere and, for a brief time, became Head of the Conclave. Though slain by Mina during the War of Souls, Dalamar was restored to life and continues to serve the Orders of High Sorcery.

Dalamar has also been known at various times as Dalamar Nightson, and Dalamar of Tarsis. He is tall and graceful, with shoulder-length black hair and a charismatic voice. Dalamar is slender but strong and has bronze-colored skin. He was horribly scarred recently along the right side of his face. He can speak Kagonesti, Silvanesti, Solamnic, and possibly other languages. He is one of few individuals to be aware of lands beyond Ansalon.

Early Life

Dalamar Argent was born to Derathos Argent of House Servitor and Ronen Windwalker, and was a member of House Servitor in Silvanost. When younger, he and his parents lived in the halls of their masters, including those of Lord Ralan of House Woodshaper. Derathos inherited his brother's house, which was passed on to Dalamar after Derathos and Ronen passed on. He was, presumably, an only child as there has been no mention of siblings. Dalamar had a strong talent for magic, and House Mystic trained him in the most basic magical arts to prevent him from pursuing magic on his own and possibly becoming a renegade mage. Dalamar was given the White Robes of Solinari around 347 AC, but had not taken his Test of High Sorcery and was still a member of House Servitor. Despite his white robes, Dalamar studied forbidden magic from spellbooks he had accidentally discovered in a cave, and he dreamed of someday taking his Test.

Dalamar neglected his servant duties to make frequent visits to the cave. This got him in trouble around 349 AC, and he was forced to abandon the house and move into Lord Ralan's servant wing. Eflid Wingborne, Ralan's steward, was harsh with Dalamar and give him the least favorable tasks. After Dalamar defended Leida, a servant girl who was enamored with him, Lord Ralan gave him to House Cleric under the eye of Tellin Windglimmer. Lord Tellin offered Dalamar the possibility of additional tutelage in magic, and Dalamar worked for Tellin with greater zeal than he had for Ralan and Eflid.

War of the Lance

When Dragon Highlord Phair Caron attacked Silvanesti in the fall of 349 AC, Dalamar was disheartened at the elves' response to the attack. He formulated a plan and shared it with Lord Tellin, who in turn shared the plan with King Lorac, Ylle Savath of House Mystic, and Lord Garan of House Protector. Though he first offered the plan as a way to save his homeland, he realized that its success might bolster his chances of being allowed to take the Test of High Sorcery . Dalamar's plan involved the use of illusion magic to confuse the Dragonarmy, which was held in low regard by the white-robed wizards of House Mystic. Lorac approved the plan, however, and Dalamar was sent north with the Silvanesti army. His plan was successful but the elves lost the battle. In the ensuing confrontation Tellin was slain by the wizard Tramd o' the Dark before Dalamar's eyes.

With the elven forces depleted, King Lorac sent the elves away from Silvanesti so he could use the Dragon Orb. Dalamar journeyed to Southern Ergoth with the elven refugees as Lorac's attempt to use the orb backfired, creating what was known as Lorac's Nightmare. The exiled Silvanesti elves began enslaving their Kagonesti brethren in Southern Ergoth, and Dalamar found that his services were not needed. He remained in the city of Silvamori for years, studying the Kagonesti magic taught by his lover K'gathala. K'gathala also informed Dalamar that in her tongue the word "argent" meant "night's son", and he fancied the name Dalamar Nightson.

Post War of the Lance

Silvanesti was finally freed from Lorac's Nightmare, and Dalamar joined other elves in returning to his homeland years after he had left. During the journey, Dalamar heard tales about Raistlin Majere, the wizard who ended the nightmare. He also gained the unwelcome attention of Lord Reyl Konnal, head of House Protector since Garan's death.

Back on Silvanesti land, Dalamar made haste to the secret cave where his dark spellbooks had lain unused for years. Using the name Dalamar Nightson, he pledged himself to the dark god Nuitari shortly before being discovered by Wildrunners. He was taken back to Silvanost and declared a dark elf in the presence of Alhana Starbreeze, Porthios, Lord Reyl Konnal and others. He was exiled, once again, from Silvanesti.

The Test of High Sorcery

Dalamar wandered through the ruins of Bloodwatch and the City of Lost Names before stopping at the Library of Khrystann in Tarsis where he increased his magical knowledge. From there he visited Valkinord, the city of Neraka, and the ruined Tower of High Sorcery at Daltigoth before the Forest of Wayreth finally claimed him. He discovered the Tower of Wayreth with the aid of Regene and was given the Test.

During his Test, Dalamar entered the Tower of High Sorcery at Istar with the Black-Robed wizardess Kesela. He nearly killed Kesela to keep her from interfering in another wizard's Test, and that wizard turned out to be Lorac. He saw Lorac take the Dragon Orb out of the Tower and realized that the orb was what doomed Silvanesti. Dalamar's refusal to stop Lorac signified that he placed more importance on his magic than on his homeland. Dalamar passed his Test and became a Black Robe, and Ladonna immediately sent him to find and kill Tramd.

The Shalafi's Ambitions

Dalamar and Regene traveled to the Isle of Karthay in search of Tramd. They were captured after killing the Blue Dragon Blade, and Tramd offered Dalamar a position in the Blue Lady's army. Dalamar refused and killed Tramd, though Regene was also slain in the battle. He returned to the Tower of Wayreth, and the Conclave of Wizards gave him the chance to study under Raistlin Majere as the Conclave's spy. Dalamar thrilled at the opportunity to learn under Raistlin and agreed immediately.

Dalamar faithfully served Raistlin, his shalafi, yet also continued his reports to the Conclave of Wizards. Though he knew Dalamar was a spy, Raistlin informed the dark elf of his plan to travel back to the time of Istar and study under the archmage Fistandantilus before trying to usurp Takhisis's place in the pantheon. Raistlin offered Dalamar not only power, but also Raistlin's sister Kitiara, in return for his aid. Raistlin also punished Dalamar's duplicity by inflicting five wounds on the dark elf's chest. For the rest of his life, Dalamar had the five oozing wounds that were caused by Raistlin's fingertips.

Dalamar reported to the Conclave as Raistlin planned, and was told to stop him from using the Portal to the Abyss to reenter Krynn. In return for this service, he was to become Master of the Tower of Palanthas and next in line to become the Head of the Black Robes. He returned to his studies. When Kitiara used the Nightjewel to return to the tower, the pair had an immediate attraction to one another. They agreed to stop Raistlin before his plans could come to fruition. Despite his intentions, Dalamar decided to increase his own magical knowledge by assisting Raistlin until the point of no return. From this time forward he often paid homage to the Dark Queen, though his reasons for doing so are not known.

Lord Soth, a death knight and part of Kitiara's forces, wanted Kit (also known as the Blue Lady) for himself. He persuaded Kit that Dalamar was assisting Raistlin, then persuaded Dalamar that Kit was doing the same. Under Lord Soth's advice, Kit attacked Palanthas in an attempt to stop Dalamar and Raistlin.

When Raistlin successfully entered the portal during the Dwarfgate War, Dalamar informed the cleric Elistan, the hero Tanis Half-Elven, and Astinus of Palanthas. He helped ease Elistan's dying moments as payment for aid the cleric provided for Raistlin, and gave Tanis a magical bracelet that would defend him against Lord Soth's magic.

Kitiara entered the tower and would have killed Dalamar, but Tasslehoff Burrfoot changed history by preventing Tanis from fighting Lord Soth, and this action inadvertently saved Dalamar's life. He was present when Caramon Majere entered the Abyss to stop Raistlin, and watched Lord Soth take Kitiara's body out of the tower laboratory. Because of these experiences, he held a grudging respect for both Caramon and Tanis.

Post-Legends and the Summer of Chaos

After Raistlin was stopped, Dalamar closed the laboratory and opened the tower to new apprentices. He eventually succeeded Ladonna as Head of the Black Robes, and became Master of the Tower of Palanthas. He may or may not have revealed Steel Brightblade's existence to Lord Ariakan, and he became lovers with Jenna, daughter to Justarius, who was Par-Salian's replacement as Head of the Conclave.

In 381 AC, Dalamar and Justarius arranged for Palin Majere to be given his Test despite Caramon's objections. Dalamar was dismayed when the tower guardian, apparently on Raistlin's orders, gave Palin the Staff of Magius. He joined Justarius and other wizards in an assault on the Thorn Knights located in Storm's Keep. Justarius died in the attack, and Dalamar became Head of the Conclave.

At Jenna's shop, Dalamar met two disguised elves who were probably Reyl Konnal, now a Silvanesti general, and Senator Rashas of Qualinesti. The pair reluctantly sought Dalamar's help in ridding their respective kingdoms of Porthios, now Qualinesti's Speaker of the Sun, and the Silvanesti queen Alhana Starbreeze, who was pregnant with Porthios's child. Dalamar agreed to help the two elves in exchange for a month's time in Silvanesti, despite his dark elf status. General Konnal agreed.

When Rashas took Tanis's son Gilthas to Qualinesti, Dalamar "helped" Tanis try to free his son by bringing him to Qualinesti. Gilthas refused to be saved, and Dalamar brought Tanis to an imprisoned Alhana before saving her champion Samar from being executed as a spy. After Alhana and Tanis were escorted out of Qualinesti, Dalamar sent them to Silvanesti along with Tanis's wife Laurana.

In late spring of 383 AC, a race known as the Irda decided to break open the Graygem to bolster the fading magic that concealed their island. The girl Usha was sent to Palanthas with a letter for Dalamar that related the Irda version of history and their intentions regarding the Graygem. Usha was imprisoned shortly after her arrival in Palanthas, and was soon brought before Dalamar. Dalamar surmised that something bad had happened and convened the Conclave. Upon his return to the Tower of Palanthas he not only found Usha and Steel outside the closed laboratory, but he learned that the tower guardian had allowed Tas and Palin to enter the laboratory. Once again, his orders had been countermanded by the true Master of the Tower. Also during this time, at Valin ar Tandar's request, Dalamar transformed him into a tiger that could guide the blind Crysania on her quest to retrieve dragonstones. In exchange, Tandar gave Dalamar regular updates on Crysania's quest.

Dalamar took Steel to the Chamber of Seeing where Steel reported to his commander Sequor Trevalin, and Dalamar learned that the Dark Knights planned to attack the High Clerist's Tower. Fearful that he might lose his tower to the Thorn Knights, Dalamar warned the knights stationed at the High Clerist's Tower and offered to take Tanis away from the pending battle. He returned to the tower alone and discovered Raistlin, who had passed through the Portal to save Palin's life. Raistlin also returned with word of Chaos and the decision made by the gods to ally under Takhisis.

Dalamar returned Raistlin and Palin to Solace, and arranged for Palin to find Usha in Palanthas as he called for another meeting of the Conclave. The wizards were made aware of the threat to Krynn from Chaos, and Dalamar volunteered to confront the minions of Chaos directly in order to learn their weaknesses. Though gravely wounded, Dalamar successfully returned from his mission, where the wizards had discovered that the physical aspect of Chaos had a weakness that could be exploited with the help of the Graygem, which Usha, Dougan Redhammer, and Tas had retrieved. Dalamar was too injured to participate in the final fight against Chaos, and Jenna tended to him until he was healthy.

The Age of Mortals and the War of Souls

Dalamar had lost centuries of life fighting in the Chaos War, and with the departure of the gods he had lost his magic as well. Shortly after the war, Dalamar heard rumors that both Khellendros and the Dark Knights wanted the Tower of Palanthas for their own purposes. Around this time, he and Jenna broke off their relationship. The Shadow Sorcerer conveniently taught him the new magic of necromancy, which he used to move the tower to Nightlundin the year 1 SC. He still despaired over the loss of "his" magic, and his control over the dead was not as complete as he had thought.

His activities from 1 SC – 38 SC are not known, but he arranged a meeting with Jenna after the Great Storm struck Ansalon in 38 SC. Shortly thereafter, he transported Palin and Tas to the Tower of Nightlund, and helped Palin research what should be done with the irrepressible kender. During this time he showed visible signs of age and weariness, with a gaunt face and grayish-black hair.

Tas escaped from the tower and returned with Goldmoon, and Mina arrived soon thereafter. With the aid of the Chamber of Seeing, Dalamar and Palin watched Goldmoon die and heard Mina reveal that Takhisis was the One God. Mina found the two wizards and asked that they serve the One God, and slew them both when they refused. Dalamar and Palin's spirits were bound to their bodies and forced to follow Mina, so that they could identify the real Tas.

The bound spirits could still wander, though, and Dalamar tried to manipulate events to his benefit. When Mina used her army of the dead to steal the skull totem of the red Dragon Overlord Malystryx, Dalamar's spirit told Malys in return for her promise to restore him to life. He then agreed to Mina's offer to betray Palin in return for his life and magic. Once he realized that Palin and the silver dragon Mirror planned to destroy the skull totem, which had been converted for Takhisis's own use, he fulfilled his end of the deal struck with the goddess. Takhisis ultimately failed in her quest to conquer Krynn and the returned gods of magic agreed to restore Dalamar's life and magic, though his body retained the bleeding sores created by Raistlin. However, as his penance for siding with Takhisis, he was barred from returning to the Tower of Nightlund.

Post War of Souls

Dalamar awoke to new life in Silvanesti with knowledge of his old spells. However, Dalamar had no spellbooks and thus, no way of refreshing his magical knowledge when it was used. He spent months seeking the Tower of Wayreth, but was unable to locate it for the first time in his life. Dalamar even sought Palin's assistance, but the once-powerful wizard had retired his magical career and had become the mayor of Solace. As a parting gift, Palin gave his first spellbook to Dalamar.

When Dalamar returned to the area near Wayreth Forest he came upon Jenna, who had hoped to find the tower with the aid of the young Coryn Brinefolk. When Coryn was captured by bandits, Dalamar realized that she was a sort of magical prodigy and attempted to turn her against Jenna. He even tried to seduce her at one point, but Coryn saw through his deceptive ways. While Jenna and Dalamar argued, Coryn wandered off and Wayreth Forest allowed her entry. Dalamar remembered that the Nether Path could sometimes be used to pass through the forest, and he and Jenna began traversing it.

Unfortunately, Dalamar and Jenna were thwarted by the guardian of the Nether Path, a monstrous green dragon, as Coryn took her Test at the Tower of Wayreth. She found the pair, healed Jenna with the aid of a magical potion, and gave Dalamar a black spellbook that was given to her during the Test. Dalamar realized that all three gods of magic had wanted Coryn to pass her Test.

Coryn informed Dalamar and Jenna that Kalrakin, a powerful renegade Thorn Knight, had acquired the Irda stone and had claimed the Tower of Wayreth for himself. The three wizards sent a magical call to Ansalon's other wizards for reinforcements before returning (successfully) to the Tower of Wayreth. They defeated Kalrakin's golem and tried assaulting the tower, but only Coryn was able to teleport inside the tower – Kalrakin's augmented magic prevented the rest from entering. However, the Master of the Tower was able to let Dalamar and Jenna enter. Magic had failed against Kalrakin so Dalamar tried a more conventional attack, but the right side of his face was horribly disfigured by one of Kalrakin's blasts. Nevertheless, he was able to cast a spell that stopped time long enough for him to pull Jenna to safety and reach the place where the other wizards had been captured. Jenna freed the others and they collected for one final attack against Kalrakin. When Coryn wounded Kalrakin with her arrows, Dalamar used his dagger to finish the sorcerer.

After Kalrakin's death, the Conclave of Wizards convened to determine the future of magic. Dalamar was reaffirmed as the Head of the Black Robes. After Jenna was declared the new Head of the Conclave, she asked Dalamar to remain at the Tower of Wayreth to rebuild it and keep watch over its treasures. Dalamar agreed and presumably remains there to this day.

Kender Tales

One source claims that Dalamar was ninety-eight years old when he first met Par-Salian at the Tower of Wayreth, but the same source also claims that he spent five years in Silvamori and three years in exile before finding the Tower. This timeline would not have allowed him to serve Raistlin Majere during the archmage's attempt at godhood, so it is also assumed that his age is incorrect.

It is also rumored that Dalamar was the dark elf that Raistlin fought during his Test of High Sorcery, but Dalamar had not yet become a Wizard of High Sorcery when Raistlin took his Test. After the War of Souls and his resurrection, he is described as muscular with long golden hair (despite having black hair before his death). In this latter case, it may be possible that Dalamar's body was altered when he was resurrected, but it is highly unlikely. Another states that he had liquid black eyes, rather than brown.


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