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Dalar Ackal (2401 PC - ? PC) was the son of the Emperor of Ergoth Ackal V and Empress Valaran, rulers of the Ergoth Empire. As eldest son of the emperor, he was the Crown Prince of Ergoth, and destined to become the future emperor after his father passed away. He was said to have had a high forehead and the sharp features that distinguished him as a member of the Ackal line, as well as piercing green eyes.

At the age of five, he witnessed the death of his ruthless father and was proclaimed Emperor of Ergoth in 2395 PC. He was governed by four regents, Vanz Hellman, Rykard Gonzakan, Mittigorn, and Quevalen. However once three of the regents had fallen and only Gonzakan remained, Dalar mysteriously vanished and his name was stricken all rolls. He was presumed to be another casualty of the ongoing war, whilst Gonzakan became the Regent of Ergoth.


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