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The ancient city of Daltigoth was once the capital of the great Empire of Ergoth. It later became a city of ogres, giants, and trolls after the Cataclysm. The city is three miles long from north to south and six miles wide from east to west.

Prior to the Cataclysm the imperial city was located in the Great Horde Hundred near the Harkmor Range of the Aegis Mountains. The great road Ackal Path connected the city to Caergoth. Also another road named Kanira’s Path started in Daltigoth and went north. Daltigoth was a walled city and the wall stood fifty feet tall and had many gates. The Inner City even had a taller and thicker wall. To the east of the city was the Dalti Canal. Also near the city were the Ord, Nath and the Dalti River.

After the Cataclysm, the city was greatly ruined by the destruction of the Tower of High Sorcery there, the Cataclysm itself, and the subsequent ogre invasion. The city was now located on Southern Ergoth and near Morgash Bay.

In the Age of Mortals with the land manipulations of Frost the city became colder and more ice covered. Morgash Bay became Lake Morgash. The Dictator of Daltigoth ordered more industry to occur in his city. This made Daltigoth warmer than the outside lands and thick with smoke.


Age of Dreams[]

Ogres believe that the site of Daltigoth was actually originally a High Ogre city. It is possible that it might have been the capital city called Daltigar.

Legend has it that the city was first founded by a Human named Eadamm. The site of the founding was debated. There were four locations in the city including the Temple of Paladine and the Gate of Eadamm that were thought to be the site of the founding.

Around 2600 PC Ackal Ergot declared Daltigoth, a former stronghold of a tribal chieftain, the capital of the new Empire of Ergoth. Legend has it he did this while standing on Emperor's Knob.

Harald Greytooth, the head of the Red Robes, approached Pakin about building a new Tower of High Sorcery in Daltigoth. Pakin agreed if the wizards would help defend and strengthen the empire. Harald agreed to the emperor’s terms. Although once Pakin saw Harald’s plans for the new tower he disagreed with moving forward. Pakin didn’t want a red tower but a white tower to show the world what a good nation Ergoth was. Harald reluctantly agreed with the emperor...seemingly agreed that is. After a large imperial ceremony, the White Robe Yoralyn led a ritual that resulted with the image of a white tower over the city. The white tower was an illusion and that night Harald led the true ritual and raised the red Tower of High Sorcery. Pakan had a sense a humor and laughed off what happened.

During the Rose Rebellion in 1791 PC the Swordsheath Army led by Vinas Solamnus laid siege to Daltigoth. Emperor Emann Quisling was forced to cede the empire’s easternmost provinces to the army.

Age of Might[]

In 19 PC, the Battle of Daltigoth occurred during the Lost Battles. Lord Praetor of the Imperial Armies Serl Kar-Thorn used a magical pine nut to break through the Kadothan Grove and invade the Tower of High Sorcery. Iriale the Master of the Tower of Daltigoth gathered more than thirty mages to the tower's Heartchamber and together they released magical energy to destroy the tower and a quarter of Daltigoth.


During the Cataclysm, the Empire of Ergoth was shattered. A third of the empire was covered by ocean and the rest was split into five islands: Northern Ergoth, Cristyne, Enstar, Nostar, and Southern Ergoth. The imperial capital survived the ordeal but lied on the new island of Sourthern Ergoth.

Age of Despair[]

Not too long after the Cataclysm, Emperor Gwynned VII was assassinated in Dalitgoth. Civil unrest continued in the city for the next few years until the ogres of the Last Gaard Mountains invaded. The Humans of the city were not prepared for the invasion and many escaped to the cities of Zhea Harbor and Fairkep. Daltigoth was left to the ogres and eventually Gwynned in Northern Ergoth was declared the new imperial capital.

By the time of the War of the Lance the Dictator of Daltigoth was a Hill Giant named Stormogre. Stormogre made an alliance with Dragon Highlord Feal-Thas. The dark elf gave the dictator White Dragons and a force of Sivak and Baaz Draconians in return for the Stormogre rallying all the ogres in the region for a potential strike against Northern Ergoth. Stormogre died in Icereach during the war. His three sons: Thunderbane, Hammerfall, and Strokelightning began to fight among themselves for who would inherit the rulership of the city. The brothers were then forced out of the city by Kthaarx, a cousin of Stormogre.

Age of Mortals[]

Kthaarx ruled until shortly after the Chaos War and he was succeeded by his son, an ogre named Tdarnk. Tdarnk managed to calm the fighting between the ogres of Daltigoth and the wilder ogres of the region. The last son of Stormogre, Thunderbane, even gave his support to Tdarnk as dictator of the city in return for being allowed to rule the wilder ogres of the region.

In 395 AC, Gellidus took Southern Ergoth as his own. Tdarnk and Thunderbane wanted to be in the Dragon Overlord’s good graces. After a few years it seemed that Thunderbane would succeed over Tdarnk, but Tdarnk became an Ogre Titan. With his new found abilities Tdarnk managed to usurp Thunderbane as Gellidus’s favored servant.

Just prior to the War of Souls, Thunderbane and his followers attacked Daltigoth. The attack did not go well and ended with Thunderbane dueling Tdarnk in the Dome of Gold with Tdarnk as the victor. Years after the War of Souls, Tdarnk no longer wanted any reliance on the eastern ogre nations. He made Daltigoth a haven for the Whitescale Society. A covert Legion of Steel cell was assigned to the city to investigate the Whitescale Society and the city’s allomanya production. In 422 AC, Tdarnk was killed and his Council of Nine were defeated by a group of adventurers that were aided by Emma Xela and Briony Thistleknot of the Legion cell stationed in the city. The city was put into an uproar due to the death of Tdarnk with unknown results.

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Kender Tales[]

One source said that Ackal Ergot declared Daltigoth the capital on his seventieth birthday. It is believed that the warlord did not live to that age.

It was once said that Gerard uth Mondar took a ship named The Merwitch from Daltigoth to New Ports. This is unlikely since the city doesn’t have its own port and Morgash Bay was Lake Morgash by then so there was no access to the sea. Not to mention the unlikelihood that a former Knight of Solamnia would go to a city of ogres for passage.