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Damian ( 398 AC - 422 AC) was a follower of Chemosh who was first approached by the god in 422 AC. He had dark curly hair, and one rumor was that he was the bastard child of the Great Mother. While growing up, Damian lived near a graveyard, and he would go into the graveyard and play in the skeletal remains of a Dragon.


Eventually he would join a cult of Chemosh that lived in that graveyard, and led by the Great Mother and the Master of the Brethren of Death Kabos. His friend and advocate was the Great Mother, and he grew to despise Kabos, knowing that he was with the cult only for robbing the dead. At the age of 24, Chemosh chose him to become one of his new leaders on Krynn. He received The Dragon's Claw from Chemosh, and was asked to bring word of Chemosh to his brethren.

When he put the claw on, it bit into his flesh and burned off his hand so that it was just a skeletal hand. He brought word back to the Great Mother, and she told Kabos that this would mean that Damian would become the new Master, and Kabos would be demoted. Kabos would kill the Great Mother, and Damian was framed for it. He was to be sacrificed at the Blood Letting, but he showed his power of The Dragon's Claw and raised the Great Mother from the dead. He also raised a Bone Dragon, which set the monestary on fire and killed the Monks.

Chemosh in turn kills Damian, who was willing to die, and buries him. After a time, Barnabas (Cleric) was chosen as the new Master and dug up Damian. Damian passed on The Dragon's Claw to the new Master before going back to his undead rest.


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