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Daneel Warnoc (? - ? AC) was a Human Senior Citadel Guardian. He was tall and broad shouldered. His face had chiseled features. Daneel's hair was dark brown and he had green eyes.

Life as a Soldier[]

Daneel followed in his father's footsteps and became a soldier. Peasants came to his lord's castle to beg relief from taxes. His lord ordered Daneel to attack them. He then realized that he had been serving an evil man blindly. He sided with the peasants and almost died with them that day. A Mystic from the Citadel of Light saved him. The mystic then told Daneel of the Citadel. Daneel decided to go there.

Citadel of Light[]

The mystics there accepted him, but when it came time for him to climb the Silver Stair he was afraid what he would find. The Citadel then offered him a place among the Citadel Guardians until he felt ready to begin his training as a mystic.


Daneel then spent a few years protecting the Citadel Advisor assigned to the Emperor of Ergoth. While serving there, he began to admire the emperor's daughter, Mercidith Redic (Mercy), for her facing her ability to see spirits so bravely.

Return to the Citadel of Light[]

In 416 AC, Daneel accompanied Mercy to the Citadel for her to undergo training. Daneel swore to protect her during her time away from Northern Ergoth. Whether he decided to continue being a Citadel Guardian or to finally train as a mystic is unknown.


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