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Captain Darewind Waverunner (? - ? AC) was a Knight of the Lily who captained many ships for Lord Ariakan's fleet, making her a legendary Mariner. Her current ship is the Wavecutter, which also happens to be her favorite ship.

Captain Darewind stood at 5'10" tall and weighed 140 pounds. Her preferred weapon of choice was the scimitar and she wore a ring of protection.

Chaos War[]

Captain Darewind sailed her ship into the Bay of Branchala, leading the other knights in the take over of Palanthas. After the fall of the city, she made her ship her base of operations in order to command the remaining seagoing troops and ships that were removing prisoners from the city. She coordinated with Sir Farall Skycutter all her activities because she judged him to be a good commander.


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