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Dargaard Keep is a stronghold located in what was Knightlund and is now called Nightlund. Before the Cataclysm, Dargaard Keep was the home of Lord Loren Soth, then a Knight of the Rose. The keep was planned, designed, and built by Loren Soth in homage to the god Paladine. Built out of the rose-colored granite that can only be found nearby, it was shaped like the bud of a rose, an ancient symbol of the Knighthood.

Dargaard Keep is located in the Northern portion of the Dargaard Mountains. Built high upon a cliff, the road that leads to it winds around the cliff face. Legends say that about 100 years before the Cataclysm, Loren Soth’s grandfather had Dwarven craftsmen begin the construction of the keep. During that time, a small city called Dargaard (City) grew up nearby. Construction was completed by the time of Loren’s first marriage.


The moment the fiery mountain struck Istar, an enormous wrought-iron chandelier with 100 candles crashed down on Soth’s elven wife. The fire swept through the keep leaving it blackened and crumbling.

After the Cataclysm, the keep became a haunt for the Death Knight, Lord Soth, and those who followed him into his downfall. The once beautiful architecture now resembles an ugly, blackened rose. The gardens are now overtaken by weeds, the only rose that now grows is black, its thorns deadly to the touch. The roads leading to it are now split and cracked. Chunks have fallen off into the chasm leaving huge gaps. What remains is strewn with rubble from the keep itself. Through the gate, the corpses of those who thought to challenge the Death Knight are scattered about, their remains frozen in terror.

War of the Lance

During the War of the Lance, the keep was one of the major strongholds of the Blue Lady and her Blue Dragonarmy. During the occupation most of the Undead were driven off, and some of the rooms were cleaned up for the Blue Army to use.

Age of Mortals

During the Age of Mortals, it was used by Takhisis as a sort of prison for Lord Soth, to keep him hidden from the people of Ansalon. The Outer wall was partially destroyed from the Cataclysm. Inside Soth’s private study lies the remains of Soth’s Seneschal, Caradoc. This room, unlike most other places within the keep, is clean and tidy due to the ghost’s obsessions. Among the relics held within is a tapestry depicting elves fighting Elves during the Kinslayer War.

War of Souls

When Mina came to him during the War of Souls to ask him to lead the dead for Takhisis, he turned them both down. In anger, Takhisis restored Lord Soth's mortality and brought the keep down around him, apparently destroying him.