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Darkhaven Clearing is located in Abanasinia in a forest near Pax Tharkas in the Kharolis Mountains. Many evil stories surround this strange place including the deaths of travelers and disappearance of lumberjacks who were cutting wood in the area. Even kender are wary of entering this forest, even out of curiosity. It is said the Clearing has the ability to move around much like the Tower of High Sorcery in Wayreth Forest and is said to be able to change size.

The trees in and around the clearing resemble the trees from the Silvanesti Forest during and after the War of the Lance, blood running down the tree trunks, and sun not reaching the forest floor except in sporadic places. There are several streams in the area that are tinged with a reddish tint, and if someone were to drink from it they could get poisoned and possibly die. Only a healer can stop a person from dying from this poison.

History of the Clearing[]

The origin of Darkhaven Clearing was not exactly known, but a local legend of the Clearing seems to have been accepted by the locals. A Red Robed Wizard by the name of Rhakyl Kormoth journeyed across the lands, towards the end of the Fourth Age.

Following the Chaos War, in which Rhakyl fought valiantly, Rhakyl was in the Clearing for many years, diligently researching for a way to bring back High Sorcery to Krynn. A former Red Robe named Aran Glowstrider journey to the Clearing and tried to prevent Rhakyl from casting a spell, but Rhakyl turned on him and knocked him unconscious.

Rhakyl then took Starsunderer, a powerful magical artifact, to the Clearing and in an ancient ritual tried to release its energy, but the energy from it was too powerful for the mage to control and Starsunderer exploded. The magic released by Starsunderer infused in the very essence of the Clearing and the land was permanently scarred from the burning of the land. Besides kender, no animals will come into the Clearing and plants became nothing more than skeletal remains. People that decided to go to the Clearing, found that Rhakyl was nothing more than a ghost.


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