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Darkhunter (? – ? AC) was a Human male of the Qué-Nal. He had an angular face with thick brown eyebrows and shaggy hair. His hair had beads and feathers braded into it. He also had thin lips. It is unknown what his station was among his people, but he was likely an important person. He was a warrior and amassed wealth from those he conquered. When he died he was buried in a tribal burial ground north of the Silver Stair. His wealth was buried with him and he was so feared that a stone mosaic was placed over his grave to bind his spirit there.

After Death[]

In 392 AC, the mystic Gair Graymist removed one of the stones of Darkhunter's grave. Gair was a mystic with the fellowship building the Citadel of Light on Schallsea. The mystic was practicing his new skills in spiritualism when he made contact with Darkhunter that he unknowingly released. The Qué-Nal warrior was not happy with Goldmoon and her followers coming to Schallsea. He eventually convinced Gair to raise him as a Wraith and began to corrupt Gair further. Gair got to the point that he was going to kill everyone and raise him or her as wraiths. During his final battle on the Silver Stair, Darkhunter began to take over Gair's body before he was knocked from the stair and killed.