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Amidst the waters of the Turbidus Ocean, lying directly beneath the Dragon Isles is the Dargonesti city of Darthalla. It is about thirty miles south of the southern tip of the Misty Isle. Created along the lengths of lovely coral reefs and in dark sea trenches, Darthalla was founded by a tribe of wandering Dargonesti elves, who the legends say were led to the site of Darthalla by a great Golden Whale. Darthalla is set amongst coral reefs, both hot and cold springs and has a series of connected canyons that rise to just ten feet below the surface of the water, and also plummet to three hundred feet deep.

Lovely coral structures dot the entire city area, which are primarily used by the Dargonesti that call Darthalla home. Large undersea gardens were spread around the residential areas for both privacy and to further exemplify the beauty of the sea. Crystal chambers and coral towers are also spread throughout the sea floor of Darthalla, and several air chambers are also in prominent locations, to house air-breathing visitors to the Dargonesti city.

Age of Mortals[]

In the early part of the Age of Mortals, the people of Darthalla, who had long been led by a tribal leader, chose to elevate their current leader, Aquironian, to the role of Speaker of the Moon. Darthalla then annexed itself from the ancestral Dargonesti kingdom of Watermere and formed it's own kingdom. The city of Dargonest and minor villages such as Reeftown formed the lesser settlements that served the Speaker of Darthalla.

Post War of Souls[]

An exceptionally intelligent Dragon Turtle began hunting in the waters near the borders of the city. The Dargonesti tried to stop the creature but lost many Warriors. It is unknown what happened since.