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Daviter the Wise (ca. 333 AC - ? AC) was a Knight of the Rose who stood 6'1" tall and weighed about 250 pounds. He had dark hair on his head and beard framed a calm face with few wrinkles. He carried himself with a proud gait, and seldom acted the part of a Knight of Solamnia. He wore banded mail armor, used a battle-axe, and did not have a drooping mustache, favoring a full beard.

Daviter was known to be quite thoughtful, and was able to tell much about a person in a short meeting. He has been very successful in his dealing with people from this insight. He would adopt the brusque and boisterous exterior of a veteran mercenary when a chosen quest demands secrecy and subtlety. He would hide his pride and his acute mental faculties.

War of the Lance[]

Daviter was born and raised in Solamnia, and joined the Knighthood just before the break out of the War of the Lance. He quickly rose through the ranks during and after the war. He was able to earn himself a distinguished battle record, but not where he would be recognized as a hero.

Post War of the Lance[]

Following the War, Daviter took on the task of rebuilding the depleted ranks of the Knights and to better their tarnished reputation. He always kept a low profile that he was a Knight while traveling from secret cell to cell. He was also able to establish several small groups of Knights in various towns.

Daviter's Knights followed his lead, they performed good deeds and act with honor in all their dealings. Only after gaining a strong personal reputation would they reveal that they worked for the Knights of Solamnia. Daviter realized this was going to take a long time, so he traveled Ansalon on his horse Happy, and accompanied by two close friends from the War, Steveck and Kimmil. Together, they would battle monsters and agents of the Dragonarmies.


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