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Denubis (?PC - 0 PC/39 AC) was the Human Cleric who followed Fistandantilus into the future to help him defeat the Dark Queen.

Dwarfgate War[]

Fistandantilus, Denubis, and Pheragas arrived in 39 AC to participate in the Dwarfgate War. It is assumed that he died, along with Fistandantilus, when uncontrolled magic destroyed the tower of Zhaman.

Legend of the Twins[]

History was changed when Caramon Majere and Tasslehoff Burrfoot went back in time and encountered Denubis. In this changed history, Crysania Tarinius took his place in history.

War of the Lance[]

Raistlin, in a strange trance, keeps referring to Sturm Brightblade as “Denubis” while looking for the Secret Supply Tunnel to Skullcap.