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Male Human (Midlander)
Classes: Rgr 4
Alignment: NG

Derenta Cavlin (Der-ehn'-ta Cah'-vlin) (1/14/324 AD – 8/7/381 AD) was the father of Jermon Cavlin, founder and first Second Protector of the Midland Guard. Born in Vjenor, he grew up training himself in weapons and tracking techniques. In his later teens he began to travel the world to find fame and fortune. Although he did well for himself compared to others, he never did amass any great wealth. However he spent just about all of what he did have to purchase the escaped slave of the merchant lord Delijol Kamir that he had just recaptured. He quickly brought his new love, the slave girl Jurana Foles, to a small border town in Bhadlum named Gef-throth. He got a job manning the understaffed wall that protected the town from minotaur raiders. Seven months after leaving Vjanor, Jurana gave birth to his first son, Jermon. Even though Derenta suspected Jermon might truly had been Delijol's son, he disregarded any possible questions and raised Jermon with as much love and devotion any parent would. Four years later, Jurana gave birth to a second son, Miklam.

Derenta gave sword lessons to both his sons, however Miklam did not possess the talent. The praise that was given to Jermon resulted in Miklam's bitterness towards his family.

In 381 AD, Derenta was killed during one of the many minotaur raids Gef-throth suffered with. In his final instructions to his family, he gave all of his possessions to his sons for them to divide out between each other as they saw fit. He also instructed them to take care in each other and in their mother for as long as the family remained whole.