Derik Grimscribe (? - Frostkolt, 1 PC) was a Knight of the Sword who was originally sponsored by Loren Soth to enter into the Knights of Solamnia. He hailed from a small village in the area of Dargaard Keep. He was only average in fighting skill, but he made up for that at being a good diplomat and being a master at story telling.

When his lord, Lord Soth, was condemned to die by the Knights of Solamnia, he along with the other knights loyal to Lord Soth, broke him free and ran back to Dargaard Keep. This ultimatly was his doom.

Derik Grimscribe was later killed when the Cataclysm struck Krynn and was turned into one of Lord Soth's Skeletal Warriors. As a skeletal warrior, he followed the Death Knight Lord Soth on the attack on Palanthas during the Blue Lady's War. It is unknown what became of him following the Chaos War when Lord Soth was isolated in Nightlund.


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