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The Dewar are mostly remembered for their treacherous actions during the Dwarfgate War. They allowed the great dwarven fortress of Pax Tharkas to be taken by the Neidar. Later they betrayed the Neidar by leading an army into Zhaman the base of the Neidar.

Habitat and Society

Not to be confused with their Daewar cousins, the Dewar are a third group of 'dark' dwarves. This Clan came from the inter-mingling of the Daergar and the Theiwar Clans. They live in caverns beneath Thorbardin where the other clans refuse to live. The Dewar were exiled because of their insanity; and now after years of isolation it has become that much more pronounced (in fact, those deemed 'sane' are shunned). The Dewar excelled at killing and at cruelty, and are quick to anger.

These dark dwarves dwell deep in Thorbardin and have often been shunned by other mountain dwarves for their insanity and actions during the Dwarfgate War. They live in dark communities and often are isolated from the rest of Thorbardin. The Dewar does not have a seat among the Council of Thanes and the system of government they use is unknown at this time.


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