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Dir-Plaanar is an island on Southern Ergoth. It is located where the Thon-Sorpon and the Thon-Tsalarian rivers meet. The name of the island means the "Island of Justice" in the Elvish Language.

War of the Lance[]

When the Silvanesti Elves and Qualinesti Elves settled in Southern Ergoth they cleared the island of the Undead that populated the island. Two stone bridges were built to connect the island to the east and west banks but not to the north bank. The island was then used as a meeting place between the leaders of the Silvanesti, Qualinesti, and the Kagonesti Elves.

Age of Mortals[]

The island continued to be used as a meeting place by the Ergonesti Elves until 422 AC. They even built a shrine to E'li (Paladine) there.

Kender Tales[]

The island was once spelled as Dir-Planaar.