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Dog (? AC - ) was a sturdy dwarf that ran a trade station called Dog’s Trade Post on the high paths of the Vingaard Mountains. He was a dour, short-bearded dwarf that loved to fight with his trusted hand-axe.

Dog’s business was also his home and he made sure the Trade Post was taken care of. He also took care of his customers when they were under his roof, providing shelter, fire, and advice to those trying to cross the dangerous trails. He was a dealer and could be traded or promised work in exchange for some of his merchandise.

Dog and his business were successful and ran for many years until the dark dwarf known as Oddvar tracked Davyn, Catriona, Sindri Suncatcher, Nearra, and Elidor to having been to Dog’s Trade Post. Once Dog told Oddvar where the kids were going, Oddvar murdered him with a poisoned blade and took the supplies he needed for the trip over the Vingaard.


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