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Dogah ( 381 AC - ?) was a General in the Knights of Neraka. Dogah began serving the Dark Knights in 401 AC when they were known as the Knights of Takhisis, and he quickly rose up in the ranks to Master of the Lily, and eventually Lord of the Lily but he doesn't use this title. His dragon mount was Cacophanax.

He was very short and stocky, a dark face, with a thick curly black beard, and solid black eyebrows. Soldiers under his command privately nicknamed him "Dwarf Dogah" for his stature and beard.

War of Souls[]

When the War of Souls broke out across Ansalon in 421 AC, General Dogah was stationed in Khur. Morham Targonne, the Lord of the Night, ordered him to march on Sanction to assist in the siege going on there. At Sanction, Mina sent him new orders to march on Silvanesti to assist in taking the elven nation. Dogah followed Mina's orders and marched his army to the Silvanesti Shield.

When Dogah arrived in Silvanesti, he was going to respect Mina for being able to take down the Silvanesti Shield and take over the elven nation, but he ended up adoring her. He became one of her three most trusted officers just under Samuval and Galdar. He was ordered to stay in Silvanost and to hold it against the elven resistance. He was the commander of the Silvanost Garrison, and had his headquarters in House Protector. When the minotaurs invaded, he knew that he could not defeat the minotaurs. He had his forces retreat from Silvanesti.

Post War of Souls[]

Following the War of Souls, General Dogah moved into the city of Pashin, north of Silvanesti, and created a part in the city called the Dark Knight's Enclave that he resided in. After he moved in, and after a series of court martials and public beheadings, he gained control of the Dark Knights there.

He sent an envoy to Khuri-Khan asking for assistance in controlling the city because he wanted to make this a Dark Knight outpost. He promised the Khan of Khur to stamp out the lawlessness and to send a tribute to the Khan.

His army of Dark Knights made up about half of the city's population. His officers were trying to maintain order and discipline, but it was highly lacking with lawlessness and desertion very high in the city. General Dogah has tried to impose martial law, but the Khur there have rioted against them and caused many a disturbances.

Dogah has decided to stay independant with the rest of the Knights of Neraka, and can't decide if he should lead his forces against Baltasar Rennold. He wants to overthrow Rennold, but doesn't want to waste the resources of a battle. He still considers Samuval a close friend, and will sometimes employ his mercenaries.