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The Draconic Language is the secretive language of Dragons and their kin, including Draconians. It is the oldest spoken language on Krynn. Some say that it has its roots in the primal Song of Creation. The Bakali also speak draconic because dragons taught it to them a long time ago. The language has influenced the development of many other Languages.

It is known that the draconic words for "I" and "we" are very distinct and can be easily distinguished between the two.

Draconic Words[]

Autuus - 'Glory'

Gethrisj - 'Go'

Ji-ri - 'Hatchlings'

Ji-ri-ni - 'Making hatchlings'

Komeus - 'Magnificence'

Naj'uk - Scent Brass Othlorx exude.

Othlorx - 'The Uninvolved' or 'False'

Pothoc - 'Stupid'

Saraki - 'Evil Spirits'

Saturnine - 'Poisoned'

Valtan - 'Dominion'

Vavhuus - 'Strength'

Draconic Phrases in Draconic[]

"Ngarox drosha'im" means "Who flee from glories"

"Ngost a ghan kovat u ghan tsu Othlorx" means "My wrath shall break them, and name them False"

"Ssukoth ghat chura u shanku yangorx" means "Be it known that they are traitors and must be shunned."

"Taj ku shai u xukhat tsor khasha'im" means "Any who abandon war and flee to faraway lands"

"Tsakur aj khavakh" means "Wyrms who shirk duty"