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Cover image of Lord Soth by Steve Elis

  • p.20 - “The World Serpent Inn” by Eric L. Boyd, illustrated by Andrew How, cartography by Robert Lazzarelli.

This article is about an inn that offers a connection to all the D&D worlds.

  • p.36 - DragonLance article; “Scavengers of Istar” by Cam Banks, illustrations by Peter Bergting, and cartography by Sean Macdonald

This article gives the reader a view of Istar just before the Cataclysm. A scavenger hunt, directed by a Kender named Ferret Snitchwistles, traps adventurers from other worlds in the city of Istar. The only way to return to their own worlds is to find five magical items and return with them to Six Sword Square. If they fail to complete this task, they could become trapped in Istar during one of the most pivotal times on Krynn.

  • p.54 - Ravenloft article; “The Shadows of Sithicus” by James Lowder, illustrated by John Gravato, cartography by Robert Lazzaretti

This article drops the adventures from the World Serpent Inn into the Ravenloft domain of Sithicus. This land is now in turmoil from the resent departure of Lord Soth. The adventures must return to the inn before morning or become trapped in the Land of Specters forever.