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Dragon Turtles are a type of dragon that lives in Krynn's oceans. They look similar to giant turtles. Their scales are green and so are their spiny shells. They have powerful taloned flippers. Their scales can be flecked with gold highlights. Dragon turtles have the ability to breathe a cone of very hot steam. They are extremely territorial and loners by nature. Dragon turtles are enormous in size, averaging about ninty feet in length. Their mouths are a big as a casle gate, fins as big as a ship's sail, long tail, and can bite a galley in two with their beaklike snout.

Even though most dragon turtles are loyal to Zeboim, not many have served in any of her mother's wars. They will serve most likely any rider that will keep them feed and have long been used by the Yrasda.

The Dragon Turtles near Watermere[]

A large group of dragon turtles live near Watermere. More specifically they live southwest of Sagarassi's lair. They have managed to go against their natures and live together. They migrated here from the ocean floors around Ansalon during the Cataclysm. In 348 AC, a small group of dragon turtles from here allied themselves with the Treyen Silverwake of Watermere against Sargarassi's forces. Once the threat had ended in 350 AC the alliance fell apart. The sea elves have tried to negotiate a future alliance should the need arise. The dragon turtles are content to listen to these negotiations, but have not promised aid. There about 1,700 dragon turtles that live in the caves here. They have amassed large amounts of treasure.

Other Dragon Turtle Lands[]

It is rumored that great gatherings of dragon turtles will occur in the Bay of Branchala during storms. The dragon turtles use their breath weapons to perpetuate the storms. While the eastern oceans have long been home to dragon turtles after the Chaos War many moved into the New Sea. Also, some dragon turtles use the waters around Habbakuk's Necklace as hunting grounds during their mating season. The dragon turtles are allowed to use the islands with the permission of the black dragon Night although he secretly steels some eggs to use in his undead experiments.


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