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The Dragon Well was an item of power and experiment hidden deep in the depths of the Citadel of Karoc-Tor. The Dragon Well was originally used by the Brotherhood of the Dragon to bleed a captive dragon of his magic blood and create a magical mixture designed to give the drinker great power or to twist and warp the natural.

The Dragon Well at Karoc-Tor was hidden behind a wall in the cells deep inside. A small crack opened into a wide staircase that spiraled deep into the black mountain. At the bottom of the staircase laid the vast circular chamber that gave off an eerie bluish light. In the middle of the chamber high off the floor laid a huge stone basin supported by 6 white marble dragons. A rotten unfinished wooden ramp circled the well allowing access to the towering creation.

Inside the well was a milky-white liquid that gave off a silvery mist. This liquid was dangerous and powerful, blinding some with just a splash, empowering others, or disfiguring men into grotesque creations when totally submerged.

The well at Karoc-tor stood for hundreds of years until 353 AC when Catriona, Nearra, and the kender, Sindri Suncatcher found the well and cracked it open, spilling its contents so that the bandit king, Gadion, could not attempt to seize its power. The young heroes destroyed the well and freed the soul and body of the captive dragon used to power the well, Theoran.

Theoran, finally freed, took his vengeance out and destroyed the Citadel of Karoc-Tor and the last remains of the Dragon Well once and for all. It is unclear if the Brotherhood of the Dragon created any more Dragon Wells at this time.


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