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The dragonlance , also known as the Spear of Paladine or Great Lance, is a weapon that can be used either by foot soldiers or by those mounted upon dragon back. The lances are made of dragonmetal that is found at the Silver Dragon Mountain in Southern Ergoth. In the old days, it was said that only a smith with the knowledge how to make the dragonlance imparted upon him by a god, the Silver Arm of Ergoth, and the Hammer of Kharas could then forge dragonlances. There is an exception, a person with only one of the two recommended artifacts can still forge a dragonlance, but these are referred to as lesser dragonlances compared to lances made with both artifacts (referred to as greater dragonlances).

It is also known that in order for the lance to work, the person wielding the lance must believe in its powers, otherwise it may shatter. Some dragonlances may even be called Unique Dragonlances with their powers directed towards a certain purpose. Mainly, it might be stronger if used against a blue dragon.

Mounted Dragonlance[]

Mounted Dragonlance is roughly eighteen feet in length and is mounted on a dragon’s saddle. It is said that all the dragonlances are well-balanced, the tip of the lance tapers off into a sharp point, has barbs on both sides of the dragonlance head, two feet from the tip, the haft and head are what are made out of the dragonmetal while the pole in between is hardened wood, and at the haft is an elaborate shield guard that looks like a dragon. They can absorb magic when cast up.

Footman's Lance[]

Footman’s Lance is roughly eight feet in length and can easily be used by a soldier on the ground against a Chromatic Dragon. Otherwise it is identical to the mounted version.

History of the Dragonlance[]

The first dragonlance was created by Duncan Ironweaver during the Third Dragon War when the forces of Good were in their most desperate need. Huma Dragonbane had passed his three tests set before him when he was offered 20 mounted dragonlances and one footman’s lance. With these he was able to stall for the rest of the dragonlances to arrive and help the Knights of Solamnia win the war. During this, Huma was able to even hit a god, Takhisis, with his lance and with that pain came an oath to leave Krynn. With the loss of any potential threat from Chromatic Dragons, the dragonlance faded into myth until another war came along with another desperate need.

This new war was named the War of the Lance after the famed dragonlances. During this war, a smith by the name of Theros Ironfeld somehow found the Silver Arm of Ergoth, and was granted the knowledge on how to create the lances by a silver dragon named Silvara. With this knowledge, Theros created many lances for the Knights of Solamnia to fight with. They were used extensively in the Vingaard Campaign, and for cleaning up following the end of the war. Theros’s first dragonlance he ever created was given to Gunthar Uth Wistan and he mounted it on his wall of his castle.

It would be another thirty-one years before the dragonlance would again be used on a grand scale. During the Chaos War, the lances were used to fight first the Knights of Takhisis and then, when Father Chaos attacked Krynn, against his Chaos Spawn and Fire Dragons. Following this war, the lances are no longer as common as they were prior. Some are still used by the Knights of Solamnia, and it was unknown if there was anyone who can forge one.

The Heroes of the Heart quested to find the pieces to Sturm's Dragonlance, and Dhamon Grimwulf joined the three pieces back together. They also gained the Dragonlance of Huma, and it was used against Malystryx. It didn't work, only bringing pain to the large red.

One other important instance of the dragonlance being used was at the very end of the War of Souls. When Paladine sacrificed his immortality and changed the Dark Queen also mortal, a young Speaker of the Stars by the name of Silvanoshei Caladon took up a broken dragonlance and threw it at the Dark Queen, killing her instantly.


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