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Current Media:

A listing of the current Dragonlance media options

Dragonlance Podcasts

The Dragonlance Canticle

Welcome to the Dragonlance Canticle, the voice of the Ennie award-winning Dragonlance Nexus website. Here we host a podcast to discuss all things Dragonlance including games, novels, and the movie. So grab your hoopaks. The portal to adventure awaits!

Livestream Games

Dragons on the River of Time

Past games can be found here

Our campaign, Dragons on the River of Time, will be a time traveling adventure taking five players from 1st level on up. We’re featuring the best there is to offer from the lore of Krynn, and the different ages of time fans are familiar with.

Wicked Streams Studios presents Dragonlance

Past Games are here

We play through the original DragonLance modules in 5e with all new characters. The original characters from the book and modules show up as NPCs - often in unexpected ways.

They play every Friday at 9pm EST

Dragons on an Ashen Breeze

The War of the Lance has ended, but Kalaman still feels the power of the Red Dragonarmy, the newly bolstered Knights of Solamnia holding the line. Into this war-torn world step five heroes. Their task, to recover the magical writings of the late Rhivrasonomar from his tower in enemy territory....

They play on Thursday at 21:00 BST (9:00 pm BST)