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As Kitiara, the feared Blue Lady, sets in motion a plot that will take three Solamnic knights to Icereach in search of a Dragon Orb, her rival, Laurana, begins a journey toward destiny when she and her friends Sturm, Flint, and Tasslehoff, join the knights in their perilous quest. But it is Kitiara who faces the crucial test. She vows to spend the night in the most feared place on Krynn - Dargaard Keep, the dwelling of the Death Knight Lord Soth. No one who has ever ventured into that dread place has returned alive to tell about it. But Kit must either face Soth or face her own execution at the hands of her Queen. The Companions Are Back - but so are their enemies!

Main Characters

Minor Characters

Story Summary

This book follows the travels of two warriors from both sides of the War of the Lance during the winter lull in battle of 351 AC. Both are on quests to advance their positions in their respective armies and each ends up in the frozen land of Icereach searching for a legendary artifact called the Dragon Orb.

Dragon Highlord Kitiara Uth Matar, also known as the Blue Lady, goes searching for her old friends from Solace after finding out that they were responsible for the death of one of her fellow Highlords, Lord Verminaard of Nidus. Her commander, Ariakas, learns that the assassins were old friends of hers, and believes that Kit is plotting against the leaders of his Dragonarmies. To escape his wraith, Kit then undertakes the challenge of facing a Death Knight, Lord Soth, and staying in the haunted castle of Dargaard Keep for one night.

Derek Crownguard, Knight of the Rose, goes on a quest to find a Dragon Orb thought to be in the possession of Feal-Thas, Dragon Highlord of the White Dragonarmy. He plans to recover the orb, bringing it back to Solamnia to secure his ascension to Grand Master of the Knights of Solamnia. He meets up with half of the Companions in Tarsis, just as that city is attacked by the Red Dragonarmy. He then continues on to Icewall Castle, where he captures the Dragon Orb at the cost of his sanity.