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Dragonspawn or spawn are a race of dragon men created by the Dragon Overlords. They normally share many physically traits with their creators. Other than scale color, this may include placement of horns and fins. They all have claws, scales, wings, and a tail. Since the dragonspawn retain their basic humanoid shape after creation, gender can normally be differentiated.

Khellendros, in 401 AC, discovered the process on how to create dragonspawn while trying to figure out a way to give Kitiara Uth Matar a new body. He did this using spells he had learned on his journeys through the portals. After perfecting the process Khellendros was forced to show the secret to Malystryx in 413 AC. She then eventually spread the knowledge to the other Dragon Overlords.


The creation of a dragonspawn by an Overlord requires a few things: a skull totem, the blood of a draconian, and catalyst from the Overlord themselves. Khellendros would use one of his tears. Malystryx would use a number of things: fiery breathe, a coal ignited from her breath weapon, or her blood. Onysablet would use her spittle. Beryllinthranox would use chlorine condensed from her breath weapon. Gellidus would use his quicksilver blood.

The “spawning” was typically done on Humans and Half-elves. When done on other humanoids it would result in an Abomination Spawn. The process took about half an hour. The victim would have to ingest an amount of draconian blood mixed with some alchemical substances. The draconian is usually brought close to death in this process. The victim’s mind and soul is fused with parts of the draconian. The victim then changes physically and looses all memories of its past life. They are now under the control of the Overlord that made them, although a rare few sometimes retain their free will. If the process is interrupted before it can be finished the victim will likely return to normal, but be greatly fatigued.

Originally when Khellendros started making spawn the human subjects had to be evil or driven insane for the transformation to be successful. If good subjects were used they usually died in the process or made just empty husks. He eventually perfected the process so he no longer had to worry about it.

Eventually some Overlords figured out how to have one of their servants make dragonspawn for them. They were able to do this by using a Scale of Proxy. If someone has a Scale of Proxy from an Overlord then they can create dragonspawn without the Overlord or the skull totem being present. Dragonspawn created by a proxy are under the Overlord’s control, but sometimes the proxy also has some if not as much control as well. There have been at least two known cases of Overlords using this method. Onysablet had the naga Nura-Bint Drax and Gellidus had Glacier as proxies.


Dragonspawn gain a number of abilities. They now have sharp teeth and claws to attack with. They also gain the ability to cast some sorcery spells. Dragonspawn gain a breath weapon similar to their creator’s. All standard types of dragonspawn can also fly. The patron Dragon Overlord of a dragonspawn can communicate back and forth with it telepathically and see through its eyes.


Similar to draconians, when a dragonspawn dies it has a damaging death throe. The type of death throe varies among the types of dragonspawn.

Death of an Overlord[]

Dragonspawns’ existence is linked to their Overlord. When an Overlord is killed or their skull totem is destroyed the dragonspawn feel a backlash that may kill them. Some die, but others manage to survive barely but are insane. Others that are strong will survive and gain their free will back, but still have no memories of their past. Rarer still are the few that survive and regain their free will and their memories of their past lives.

Standard Types[]

Other Types[]