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Dravinaar was a human nation that is located south of Istar, southwest of Midrath, north of Balif, and east of Silvanesti. The land of Dravinaar is mostly a desert wasteland. The geographic features of the land is the Sun's Anvil, also known as the Tears of Mishakal, located around the city of Qim Sudri, and the Sea of Shifting Sands which is the desert that runs east to west through Dravinaar.

Age of Dreams

The nation of Dravinaar was founded by desert barbarians somtime after 2600 PC. The nation is ruled by a Khan who is usually the best warrior of the armies. Any person may challenge the current Khan to a duel, and then name the weapons that they will fight with. The loser is killed and the winner becomes the new Khan. For trade, Dravinaar tends to trade in both rugs and horses. The Dravinish people tend to have almond shaped eyes.

Age of Might

During the Third Dragon War in 1060 - 1018 PC, Dravinaar sided with Takhisis in her conquest of Ansalon. Khan Janduk amassed a huge horde of riders to invade Ismin in the north, but when he came to the Tower of High Sorcery of Qim Sudri to ask for their assistant, the master of the tower, Alasto, refused causing Khan Janduk to cut him down. The mages didn't kill him but over the next week, both of Janduk's wives and his seven sons were killed in accidents. Janduk again went to try to invade the Tower of High Sorcery and failed. He instead took his hordes and invaded Ismin. Janduk almost succeeded in taking all of Ismin and the city of Istar, before the clerics of Paladine from Istar drove Janduk's army from the city and the rest of Ismin ending Dravinaar's participation in the Third Dragon War with a defeat.

150 years later, in 868 PC, Dravinaar's strength and influence in the region has fallen to almost nothing. When Istarian armies came to conquer Dravinaar, they almost walked into the nation unhampered. The final Khan of Dravinaar was Khan Mamrit the Pale, who took his own life rather than be captured by the Istarians.

In the years 311 - 281 PC, Dravinaar fought in a series of border skirmishes with the Empire of Istar. The only thing these wars led to was the overthrow of warlords of Istar and Istar was now led by a Kingpriest. Kingpriest Symeon I brokered peace with Dravinaar, and in exchange Dravinaar would pay an annual tribute to Istar.

When Kingpriest Theorollyn I was assassinated in 215 PC, Dravinaar took in Kingpriest Theorollyn II while he was in exile. During the Annexation Wars in the years 196 - 190 PC, Kingpriest Ardosean II decided to invade Dravinaar to end the reign of Kingpriest Theorollyn II. Dravinaar was able to hold out until 190 PC before they finally lost to the Holy Empire of Istar and were forced to join with the empire. The nation was split into Western Dravinaar and Eastern Dravinaar in order to keep the Dravinaar people in check.


When the Cataclysm struck Krynn, Dravinaar wasn't spared the wrath of the gods. After the upheaval had ended, refugees settled in southern Dravinaar, creating Kendermore and the Plains of Dairly.


  • Qim Sudri - Capital
  • Micah
  • Yandol


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