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The Dravinish Language was a guttural tongue once spoken in Dravinaar. It had at least two dialects. The High Dravinish dialect was spoken in the Holy Empire of Istar's southern provinces when they were city-states.

High Dravinish Words & Phrases[]

  • Bon drova bruvli - 'In troubled times'
  • Gavos avizua - 'Bearer of hope'
  • Isto gizua - 'With Istar endangered'
  • Ita deg dridiva so anevunt - 'And though the darkness shall fear him'
  • Ita muzaba susilva so gnivunt - 'And the gods themselves shall bow to him'
  • Qoi Zehomu, Psandru Ovrom Vizeva - 'What Shall Come: The Foresights of Psandros the Younger'
  • So gunnunt - 'Hunt him'
  • Sos volbua sivunt - 'Seek his destruction'
  • Su ollom viu nirinfo vesuu - 'He is the savior of holiness'
  • Vesinua - 'From the west'
  • Vilo lush vevom su behomu - 'Carrying lost riches he comes'
  • Vizilovios Ihomua - 'Advent of the Lightbringer'
  • Vizilovra - 'Lightbringer'
  • Yuzun horizua - 'The setting of suns'

Dravinish Words[]

  • Kalim - ' Warrior'
  • Raqqa az Zarqa - 'The Sun's Anvil'
  • Daqan si-tuli bhak - 'All roads have their ending'
  • Jandhar Azuya - 'Black Knife'
  • Sharaz Qunai - 'The Staring Ghost'

Behind the Scenes[]

Dravinish is actually very loosely based on Umbrian, which is in the same family as Oscan.