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Dray-yan (?AC - 351 AC) was an Aurak Draconian in the Red Dragonarmy, who has greenish-gold scales, small wings and a short, stubby tail. He has a taste for elven wine and picked-up the human habit of pacing the floor from Lord Verminaard. He wears black robes decorated in whorls and runes on his tall and thin frame. His ambitions are to raise the race of draconians into higher standing with the other races of Krynn and to even become a Dragon Highlord himself.

After Dragon Highlord Verminaard was killed, Dray-yan conspired with commander Grag to take over the control of the Red Dragonarmy. He used a spell to make himself look like Verminaard, fooling the other Draconians into following him.

During this time he chased after the Refugees of Pax Tharkas in order to capture them and bring them back as slaves. Also in the guise of Verminaard, he contacted the Dwarves of Thorbardin and became the first non-dwarf to enter through Northgate.

He planned to take over the dwarven kingdom and use the dwarves as slaves to produce more iron and weapons for the Dragonarmies, thus insuring his rise to becoming a Highlord. He even received a commendation from Lord Ariakas for doubling the iron output.

Dray-yan’s attempt to defeat the Dwarves ends in failure at the Battle of the Temple of the Stars. He is last seen falling into the Pit of Reorx.

Known Spells[]

Like all Aurak Draconians, Dray-yan can cast spells given to him by his queen, Takhisis.

  • Burning Hands
  • Dancing Lights
  • Illusion
  • Lightning


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