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A Dreamwraith is usually the result of a mindspin spell or even the Graygem, and is a violent creation of the subconscious. Its size, movement, and intelligence are the same as the creature or person it mimics. Usually it conveys a Despair Spell upon a victim, but its chilling touch can also cause damage.

It's normal look though is that of a twisted human with wild, violent eyes, hands that are curled claws, and a harsh voice. When in the Ethereal Plane it dwells as a formless shape, constantly searching for a dreaming mind to take shape in. They simply want to just torment mortals in their dreams, and continue to do so until the mortal is dead in their dream. It is even said they can take over the dreamer's body. When in their host's body they can speak any language the host understands, but doesn't speak when in the Ethereal Plane.


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