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Duncan's Tomb, also referred to as Derkin's Tomb or the Floating Tomb, was the final resting place of the great dwarven King Duncan. It was located floating hundreds of feet in the air above a still blue lake in the Valley of Thanes in Thorbardin. The tomb was an ornate and elaborate structure, looking more like a small floating palace than a tomb. There is a musical note that comes from the tomb, sounding like a hammer hitting upon metal. Some say this is Kharas wielding the hammer.

The tomb was originally built in the valley as a grand monument where his children and theirs after would be able to rest, but instead was then raised by magic into the air leaving a huge hole in the ground. This hole would be filled by run-off from the mountain snows that would melt. It was made of white marble and adorned with some flame red tile. The windows were made of stained glass. There were towers and turrets made, with steep stairs that led from one level to the next, sometimes crisscrossing up and down and circling the edifice.

Both of his sons were buried in unmarked graves, and Grallen's burial spot was empty.

Post War of the Lance[]

After the Hammer of Kharas was found, the tomb settled back down onto the ground where it had once been. Both Kharas and Pike were laid to rest inside the tomb.