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The ancient Dwarven Language has been around since the first Dwarves appeared on Krynn. Some of the different nations may have different words that mean something different in another kingdom, but for the most part it is all basically the same in Thorbardin, Thoradin, and Kayolin. The ancient form of the language was called Old High Dwarven. Gully Dwarves speak their own language called Gullytalk.

Dwarven Words and Phrases

Adamachtis - 'Tuesday'

Agradoth boru ngazung - Old High Dwarven curse.

Alzhak Reger - roughly meaning 'Sanctuary'

Antarax - 'Burning Death'; used for meaning plague

Brand - 'Raven'

Brumbar - 'Black Bear'

Calnar - 'True people'

Chwaer - 'Sister'

Derro - 'Dark Dwarf'

Digondamaar - 'The golden halls'

Durth - 'Strange'

Everbardin - 'Always'

Gamashinoch - 'Song of Death'

Gudruz dar morakh - Old High Dwarven curse.

Guyll fyr - 'Wildfire'

Hiel-Thax - 'Hot Forge'

Hylar - 'Highest'

Kadothan - 'Long Walk'

Kai throntar gon-raxanum - Old High Dwarven curse.

Kal-Thax - 'Cold Forge' or 'Land of the Dwarves'

Kalil S'rith - ' Valley of Thanes'

Kelye dtha - One who wanders or 'wanderer'

Kharan bea - 'Friends meet in'

Khudro khadrak ba-thandai - 'My foe's foe is my friend'

Lokhar - 'Unclanned'

Lyt - 'Little'

Marman - 'Crazy'

Neidar - 'Knoll-Dweller'

Och - 'Make'

Tabor - 'Brothers'

Teyr - 'Future' or 'has a future'

Teyr Thankardas - 'This tankard of spirits has a future'

Thane - Leader or Chieftain

Theibardin - 'Theiwar-Home'

Thorbardin - 'Best new hope'

Thoradin - 'Home that once was', 'lost home', or 'lost hope'

Thorin - 'Dwarf Home'

Zamish - 'Times'

Zahkar - 'Cursed Ones'

Zhaman - 'Forbidden'